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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

Support the Free Tree Foundation and General Tree License

(21:07:20) Youlle: meh, dont give 2 monkeys lol
(21:08:01) Thom: do those monkeys use Open Trees?
(21:08:03) Thom: else i dont want m
(21:08:28) Youlle: no they're Closed Tree Only, they dont trust open trees, they get chopped down more often
(21:08:56) Youlle: also the Grapevine has faster connection speed over Close Tree Networks
(21:09:32) Thom: yeah but can you modify the roots of closed trees? you CAN do that with open trees
(21:09:37) Thom: make them grow faster
(21:09:46) Thom: find weaknesses inside the roots and fix them
(21:09:47) Thom: etc.
(21:10:16) Youlle: my Fertiliser provider supplies root upgrades every 2mnths or so... so really no need for access to the root system
(21:10:22) Thom: however, it does take some googling before you fully grasp climbing an Open Tree, let alone swinging from it
(21:10:46) Youlle: yeah i hear the branch drivers arent as advanced on Treenux
(21:11:15) Thom: then again, closed trees only allow you to climb them from the west side, and swinging can only be done forward/backwards, not sideways, that would break the license
(21:11:50) Youlle: yeah but our branch drivers support all branch types and have Branch-leaf acceleration
(21:12:19) Thom: yeah but that acceleration requires a closed add-in that costs a lot of $$$
(21:12:34) Thom: open trees have experimental branch-leaf acceleration-- for free
(21:12:43) Thom: requires some root modifying though
(21:13:04) Youlle: its included for free in this months Root upgrade, okay you need an OAK-225 or an ASH-543e to use it for free, but other systems arent that common
(21:13:28) Thom: ok
(21:13:32) Thom: lol blog time
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