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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

Superpower but can't feed its own people?

And that country calls itself a superpower.


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6:29 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

I use to think that your entries were either meaningful or humorous, but now I see that they're just sad.

You shouldn't bash other countries, it makes you just as bad as them.


7:15 PM, by Anonymous Eugenia

China, India and in the past USSR are/were also big and powerful in many ways, and yet poverty is still strong there. Being "powerful" (a word that has many meanings) doesn't mean that everything is perfect inside the country itself.

If I was able to choose a country to live in today that would be Sweden. It is not powerful or perfect, but OVERALL and on AVERAGE, it is a well-balanced country with low criminality and acceptable number of jobs and life style. Sure, it's cold on winter, but overall life is pretty stable over there.    

9:46 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

I just find it laughable how the US government keeps on saying how they should spread democracy and freedom of speech to the world, and then shove loads and loads of money into that, and yet are unable to provide decent living conditions for its own people.

That is just plain sad. Don't boast about something you can't boast about.    

10:13 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

I mean, come on! The support in the hit area is barely coming! Your government KNEW this disaster was going to happen for DAYS, and they didn't prepare at all! No food was brought to the area prior to the disaster, no petrol, no extra busses, no pumps, etc.

That is insane! We Dutch handled the Watersnoodramp better, and that was a disaster on a far greater scale, in 1953!

With proper planning, like any real western country that cares for its people, this would've never ever happened on this grand scale. As simple as that.

If you cannot handle the fact that many things are wrong in your country, then that's your problem, Rafn, not mine.

I have no problems admitting that in my country a lot of things are wrong, however, you do not see my government boasting about how great the Dutch Nation is and free speech, freedom, democracy and more of that nonsense. Priorities! I'd say feeding your own people is more important than waging an illegal war over oil.

And Eugenia, I understand your choice of Sweden. Personally, I'd select my own country, but if that was impossible for some odd reason, I'd like to move to Australia, England or Scotland.    

3:38 AM, by Blogger Chris

Is there such thing as a legal war?    

11:43 AM, by Blogger Andrew Youll

Uhm one that the UN security council supports, maybe? But I stilldon't see how you can have an Illegal war...

unless its:

- If you win it's legal
- If you lose it's Illegal

Hmm, drunken logic maybe the only kind that can solve this problem.    

8:05 PM, by Blogger Tom

No Thom, it's just sad.    

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