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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

SkyOS needs core programmer

Just tested the new SkyOS beta, and it's still a no-go for me.

Okay, I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but that's almost all I've got for you today... Tested this beta, and I'm 80% negative.

- Weird problems with ps/2 mice. I had to use a USB mouse. I did not need to use safemode anymore to get that mouse working, though.

- Installation went fine. Was a lot quicker. GRUB installed flawlessly (on SkyOS part.)

- After install, a familiar problem: a dark screen. Seems like the problems in the previous betas still exists. Had to use the /disable_radeon.dld parameter.

- *Still* DNS problems. DHCP server + info found, yet a no-go with with "ping www.osnews.com".

Esp. the Radeon problem + networking need fixing badly. It's been this way for months and months... Despite debug logs... But then again, I guess there's more important things to fix. Forward to a new beta, I guess.

SkyOS is in bad need of more than one core programmer.
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2:39 AM, by Blogger Chris

Skyos needs more than a core programmer, though Robert is amazing. Skyos needs a more open development process, and a competent business manager. If Kelly is actually doing something, you'd never know. I'm not saying Skyos should be GPL but Robert needs to let go a little and let more people in if he wants his OS to be little more than a fancy hobby os.    

2:55 AM, by Anonymous Eugenia

No, what SkyOS needs (as a hobby project) is feature freeze and full debug and real testing through special scripts. This can bring stability.

If you see SkyOS as a professional project instead, it needs much more than just one more core programmer and testing.    

2:57 AM, by Anonymous Anonymous

I'm not bothering with downloading the new betas ... they always seem to be a waste of time, resources, etc. I'm going to wait until Beta 9 if not the final release to give my opinion.

It seems SkyOS isn't the independent operating system savior after all. Shucks.


3:24 AM, by Blogger Chris

You are right on Eugenia. Thom and I on IRC once asked Robert, actually begged him, for a feature freeze and you know what he said, "How do you know the feature's I'm adding don't solve existing problems?"

Well, we don't know because you don't tell the community any f'in thing you are planning or your goals and I'd be surprised if enabling indexing solved any bug that was in the bug reporter.

Skyos needs a feature freeze indeed.    

11:10 AM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

SkyOS needs:

- Feature freeze. The community literally begged for one, but Robert simply said: "No." End of discussion.

- More core developers. It's really nice that a few people are porting a few *nix libraries and making simple games, but really, for what good? SkyOS needs better management when it comes to coding; assigning certain parts to certain people. Now, Robert is doing 99% of the work; and even though he's an amazing coder, this is simply too much.

- Better interaction between Robert and potentially interested core developers. There are for instance no mailinglists; only the forum that's infested with stupid people. Robert said he didn't like mailinglists; all fine, but he is totally neglecting that mailinglists are the set standard for developers.

All in all I'm coming really close to saying that Robert should... Ugh... Maybe... Open-source parts of it?

I didn't say that.    

10:34 AM, by Anonymous Anonymous

SkyOS indeed needs a feature freeze, but that will come once all the features are implemented. No, seriously, I agree with you. More or less.

I don't know if you know the goals for beta8.6. The only new feature will be the new Font Subsystem. The rest are bugfixes and fixing driver issues. So that's a quasi-feature-freeze.

About the resource-eating habits. In beta8.6 the Swap File will be enabled, making SkyOS a lot less resource-hungry.

Tomasz Dominikowki. SkyOS QA.    

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