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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.


Okay, so hurricane Katrina is now threatening the state of Louisiana, and New Orleans in particular. I just read this post, on how sad this is, and how extra bad it is because New Orleans is a city of 1.4 million people below sealevel.

Do Americans even know there's a world beyond their own borders?

So, okay, this hurricane might kill a few dozen people. It might make a few thousand people homeless. That's a bad thing, and I feel really sorry for those people.

However, for the ones not directly affected by Katrina, get some perspective! Do you realize how many people die each day in Darfur? Do you realize a huge famine is about to break out in Niger? Do you know how many innocent Iraqis die each day because the US fcuked that country up even more? Those things are way more important than a hurricane that might kill a few dozen people.

What's even worse, is the below sealevel part. Okay, so you Americans have a city that's a few feet below sealevel. Big fcuking deal. Half of my country is below sealevel! Ten million people, including myself! We're not talking about a 200 year old city-- we're talking about thousands of years of history, unique cities such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Alkmaar, etc, etc. If the Americans continue to keep denying global warming, we Dutch (together with Bangladesh) will be the first to drown. And I am not kidding here. *Your* government ignoring global warming could cause the death of hundreds of thousands of Dutchmen and women. The part of my country that's below sealevel is one of the most densily populated areas in the world.

However, Bangladesh is even worse. That actually *is* the most densily populated country in the world, also below sealevel.

Get some perspective on this shit, please.
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12:22 PM, by Blogger Andrew Youll

they'll take notice after the entire eastern sea board goes under as its only a few metre's if that higher than most of the netherlands    

4:12 PM, by Blogger Chris

New Orleans is below sea level. They use dikes and damns to keep the Mississippi at bay. You'd they would get a clue by now.    

5:50 PM, by Blogger Tom

What should I do differently?    

7:20 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

- Do not vote Republican. They suck.
- Do *not* buy petrol-devouring American cars.
- Do not vote for Democrats. They suck just as hard.
- Demand better public transport to replace cars.
- Demand better cycle tracks. In the Netherlands, basically every non-highway road is accompanied by cycle tracks, or is safe enough to cycle on. Also, in the Netherlands, whenever there's a crash between a car and a pedestrian/cyclist, the car driver is *always* at fault.
- Do not vote Republican. They suck just a little harder than the Democrats.
- Emigrate to a real country.    

8:28 PM, by Blogger Chris

-Vote Green Party
-Drive a Honda
-move to Canada    

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