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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.


How on earth can you deny global warming? HOW ON EARTH???

I'm getting so SICK of all those FCUKING STUPID WHITE-SUBURBIAN PIECE OF SHIT AMERICANS. They should line 'm all up and take 'm between the eyes.

Bunch of bitches. I hope they all die a painful, very slow, agonizing death.

I'm so pissed off right now. Do not take my words literally. I get really evil when I'm really pissed off. These people who deny global warming shouldn't be within the range of my fists.
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11:16 PM, by Blogger Andrew Youll

*hits thom with a big rubber mallet* calm down, yeah It's annoying, but as you say "Hear no evil", "see no evil", "Speak no evil"    

12:12 AM, by Blogger Chris

You're just angry that we still occupy New Amserdam.    

7:42 AM, by Blogger Tom

I think he's just jealous of Ohio. He who controls Ohio . . . controls the WORLD!    

12:57 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Nah man, I want Winslow, Arizona.    

3:44 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

The sun has also cyles and goes hotter and colder every x 1000 years.
So, even it is true that there is global warming, that doesn't mean that it is the human's fault.    

6:33 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

And Thom - instead of ranting, can I ask what you're going to do about it? If you don't do anything, you're just as "bad" as we are.


8:44 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

- I drive an evironmental far friendlier car than most Americans do (I pull 15km out of a litre).
- In my country, we have extremely strict environmental rules, and all new cars must conform to these strict rules, else they cannot be sold here (these rules are EU rules btw, but we Dutch follow them the strictest).
- My country has signed the Kyoto treaty. All Dutch parties supported signing this treaty.
- Petrol is a lot more expensive here, ($6,50 per gallon), pushing people to use alternatives like public transport (virtually non-existant in the US), or use the bike (very dangerous in US due to lack of cycling tracks).
- I go to university by public transport (again, PT is virtually non-existant in the US, any American coming to Europe notices our great PT).
- I do my daily stuff (work, groceries) by bike (impossible in the US).

What do you do?    

10:06 PM, by Blogger Andrew Youll

$8.21 per gallon here lol    

11:47 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

I, too, bike everywhere that I go. And saying that public transportation is "impossible" in the U.S. is absurd. I wonder if you've been to the U.S. You'd find that in the major cities where the crowds get dense, you have to use P.T. Bicycling is definitely not a problem either, all roads have seperate bike shoulders, at least here in Minnesota, if not a seperate bike trail.    

11:59 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

I've actually been to the US. Austin, TX.

Remember that here in my country every road has a biketrack next to it.

And PT is not just a subway in a city. PT in this country means busses, trains, trams and metros all working together so you never miss one. To get to university, I use the bus, train, metro and tram. All villages, no matter how small, have a bus connection to the nearest big city.    

6:02 PM, by Blogger Tom

In my town there is a single bus that comes just a few times a day. It stops at the southernmost point of town, then heads back south towards the city. Pretty annoying, not to mention useless.

I also only have a pharmacy within biking distance, so we usually wait long between trips to the grocery, meaning there are so many items to get I couldn't bring it back on a bike if I wanted to.

The cheapest car that my family could find when my sister and I became of age was a used SUV, so I get about 12-15 miles per gallon, which is disgusting, but there's not much I can do about it. I'll be leaving for college soon, so at least there I'll be within walking distance of everything.


6:09 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

I'll just give my final two cents ...

I wasn't really talking about *just* subways. We have all that you mentioned, don't worry ;) And as for visiting TEXAS? Are you crazy? In my opinion, it's just a right-wing nut house. Everything in Texas has to be bigger than everybody else's ... home of George Dubya, what do you expect.

Give Chicago or New York a chance, and you won't find it to be *that* bad.    

7:42 PM, by Blogger Jenn

Thom is right - at least about Houston...he and I have had this discussion before.

Public tranport in Houston is nonexistent when compared to Europe.    

1:03 AM, by Anonymous Anonymous

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