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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

Andrew on KDE

Had a good laugh over IM today with Andrew. Background: where I have a slight preference towards Gnome, Andrew has a slight preference towards KDE. Resulting in this:

Andrew: yeah, KDE is getting leaner and faster, where as GNOME Developers ignore complaints about a slow inferior toolkit, and then to top it off choose a slow rendering system... MUWAHAHAHAHAHA... [end troll]

Andrew: we might stick widgets everywhere, but atleast our toolkit is fast enough to draw them lol

Thom: lol

Yeah, you can have honest fun over one's preferences without trolling and smashing one's head in :D.
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4:06 PM, by Blogger Andrew Youll

Lol... I still may yet smash you over the head in a widget frenzy    

4:14 PM, by Blogger Chris

It's like the default look of xfce4...the title bars have so many widgets it makes it hard to know where to start.    

8:54 PM, by Anonymous Eugenia

Andrew has a point regarding Gnome devs not working as a team and researching people's needs. Read how Jeff Waugh's blog on planet.gnome.org pissed off the Novell and Red Hat engineers when he said that there is no "design team" for Gnome but individuals and different companies doing their own thing instead of designing a logical outcome together.

On the other hand, KDE does get advanced faster, however it is way far away from Gnome's leaness in terms of usability. For the last 4 years I hear "the next version of KDE won't be so UI-bloated", and yet, it still is. This won't change. And so people who prefer Gnome's UI simplicity, will STILL use Gnome.    

9:10 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

I agree with Eugenia here. KDE simply has too many options, and default installs are hopelessly bloated with buttons, menu entries, menus, widgets and what not. This configurabilty in itself isn't bad, but they should *hide* it during normal usage; by putting all those advanced options in a sort of editor like Gnome's Gconf. There really is no need to "GUI'fy" each and every possible option.    

9:28 PM, by Blogger Andrew Youll

Too many... Too many options... you can never have too many options.

and GCONF2 is just nastyness personified... okay... okay... objectified.

True KDE needs to go on a low widget diet, but for all its bloat it's still faster than GNOME, you cna say GNOME is faster but thats not a fair comparison, if you build a version of GNOME with all the functionality and widgets than KDE has, GNOME would be 100% un-usable, except by people with short memory spans who cant remember how long they've waited for the menu to load. :P    

9:59 PM, by Anonymous Eugenia

Gnome "feels" slower than KDE but adding more widgets won't make the system far slower. The problem is not genuine slowness of the system than it is unresponsiveness (BeOS was also "slow" as an OS but it was extremely responsive -- these are two different things). So if Gnome had KDE's UI bloat, it wouldn't be much 'slower' than it already is.

However, as I said, some people (like myself) PREFER the Gnome unresponsiveness over the UI bloat and terrible usability of KDE. It's a price we have to pay I guess. Of course it would be great if Gnome was also responsive and still be as UI-lean as it is. This is what I am fighting all these years with the Gnome devs. But they don't listen. JUST LIKE the KDE devs don't listen to fix their usability. KDE's only edge is that Trolltech has done a great job with their dev/doc tools and so it's WAY easier to build a complex KDE app than to write any GTK-based app. And so KDE advances far faster than Gnome is in terms of features.    

10:04 PM, by Blogger Andrew Youll

don't know, an application with 1 widget will run quicker than an application with 100's of widgets, especially now with Cairo, and its slow render speed    

10:10 PM, by Anonymous Eugenia

It will be hardly measurable. Besides, what is the point of an app that has too many widgets on an app? The point of gnome is to not have many. :)    

3:13 PM, by Blogger unixlinux

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