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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.


Firefox is an idiotic browser.

Can somebody please explain this to me:

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My bookmarks toolbar folder doesn't work! This is what I must do in order to get my bookmarks to appear in the toolbar: 1) Open Firefox (defaults to www.novell.com); 2) Browse to another page; 3) open a new window with ctrl+n. *Only then* will my bookmarks appear.

And to make matters worse, Blogger's image upload refuses to work correctly with anything else than Safari. Konqueror doesn't work, Firefox doesn't work. Fcuking GREAT. Still stuck with Imageshack.
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1:56 PM, by Anonymous Eugenia

It seems this to be a SuSE-specific Firefox bug, I don't have it on my distro.    

2:11 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

I've had these sorts of problems with Firefox and bookmarks before, but that was in older versions... Never as severe as this though.    

3:13 PM, by Blogger Andre

My Firefox runs fine on windows, zeta and linux.
Only a windows bug : when i click a link in a program, and firefox is not running, it opens two windows.
One of the two windows has the bookmark toolbar problem.    

4:06 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

It doesn't a huge deal or anything, as I'm using Konqueror on SuSE anyways. But, it is simply annoying, because sometimes one has to resort to Firefox because Konqueror/kHTML can be quite buggy at times.    

5:29 PM, by Blogger Tom

Is that a real Bookmarks Toolbar Folder, or an imported one that has the same name?    

5:30 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

It's the real one.    

6:20 PM, by Blogger Tom

When you go to View -> Toolbars -> Customize, is the 'Bookmarks Toolbar Items' widget in that toolbar?    

6:39 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Yup, and tried removing/adding it, doesn't help either.    

6:54 PM, by Blogger Tom

Your Firefox sucks! haha    

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