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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

Natalee Holloway: A Farce

Ugh, I'm getting sick of the hippocracy surrounding the Natalee Holloway case. The girl disappeared on Aruba, a colony, so to speak, of the Netherlands in the Carribean. The complete US media have fallen over this case, giving enormous amounts of attention to this case. The US are applying massive amounts of pressure on the authoraties, leading to random arrests. The US deems our justice system weak. Well, I'm sorry Uncle Sam, in this country people are innocent until proven otherwise. We don't randomly arrest people and then let them go on bail. We don't have that system.

There are lots of American reporters all over the island, bringing live updates and all that.

Why are the US media and authorities so concerned all of a sudden? Why are they so interested in this story? That's easy. Look at a picture of this poor girl:

White female. 18 years old. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. No wonder the US care so much all of a sudden.

Would they have given a shit if she was black and from South Central? I don't think so.

A lot of mainly black people struggle to make ends meet in the ghettos in the US, lots of people die and vanish on US soil. I don't see the big networks reporting on that, now do I? It sickens me. So much hippocracy. Fix the problems in your own damn country first, before criticising others.


PS: Of course this doesn't defute the fact that I feel much empathy for the family and friends.
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3:27 AM, by Blogger zizban

Well, it is tragic. I think more than her looks is the whole "innocent beauty vanishes in paradise" thing. I also think the Aruban authorities mishandled the start of the investigation but it remains to be seen whether or not it would have mattered.    

3:36 PM, by Blogger Tom

More than anything, the US media makes me sick. People complain that they report more of the bad than the good, but the real problem is that so much of the 'news' doesn't fit the public view of what is appropriate for television or print. We get a lopsided view that if taken as the real story might give someone the idea that the only news we have around here are tornadoes, celebrity divorces, celebrity marriages, fires, and occasional half-sentences from politicians. You don't see the oppression, unwanted children, poverty, and the lack of assistance in the areas where those take place. We only get half the picture, and it's the half where you can watch and most of the time feel nothing.

Unless you actually care what Alanis Morissette did last week.    

3:52 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

"Unless you actually care what Alanis Morissette did last week."

Well, actually... I'm a huge Alanis fan myself ;).

But yeah, I get your point. Here in Europe the news we tend to get is far better balanced than the news Americans get. For instance, in the US networks are too afraid to report on the horrors in Iraq, or on the torture and violation of human rights that goes on at Guantanamo Bay, because showing *that* might cost those networks viewers.

We here get all that news and therefor we have a better view on the world. Usually we also have both sides in the TV prorams that do backgrounds on the news: they ie. present someone in favor of the stuff at Guantanamo Bay, and someone who's against. That way we get both sides and the viewer can make up his own mind.

That rarely is done correctly in the US. Proper journalism should shed lights on both sides.    

1:26 AM, by Anonymous Anonymous

well, ask yourself where the american media were when an US plane flying lower than allowed cut the lines of a ski lift cablecar in Italy killing twenty man and women... but they weren't american, so their "perfect" judiciary system managed to acquit the pilots...    

7:45 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

Oh, thank you. Blacks like blondes, right?

And she was probably a coon sucker herself.    

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