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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005
It's all settled now. I have access to the backend, and all that. I'm now really ready to go as the Managing Editor of OSNews.com :).

As Al Bundy would put it: "Let's rock."

And the name of our new Princess is known! Alexia Juliana Marcela Laurentien. Beautiful name.

Natalee Holloway: A Farce

Monday, June 27, 2005
Ugh, I'm getting sick of the hippocracy surrounding the Natalee Holloway case. The girl disappeared on Aruba, a colony, so to speak, of the Netherlands in the Carribean. The complete US media have fallen over this case, giving enormous amounts of attention to this case. The US are applying massive amounts of pressure on the authoraties, leading to random arrests. The US deems our justice system weak. Well, I'm sorry Uncle Sam, in this country people are innocent until proven otherwise. We don't randomly arrest people and then let them go on bail. We don't have that system.

There are lots of American reporters all over the island, bringing live updates and all that.

Why are the US media and authorities so concerned all of a sudden? Why are they so interested in this story? That's easy. Look at a picture of this poor girl:

White female. 18 years old. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. No wonder the US care so much all of a sudden.

Would they have given a shit if she was black and from South Central? I don't think so.

A lot of mainly black people struggle to make ends meet in the ghettos in the US, lots of people die and vanish on US soil. I don't see the big networks reporting on that, now do I? It sickens me. So much hippocracy. Fix the problems in your own damn country first, before criticising others.


PS: Of course this doesn't defute the fact that I feel much empathy for the family and friends.

Sun introduces Ultra 20

Sun introduced the new Sun Ultra 20! An Opteron one-way workstation for only $895,-! A perfect future replacement for my Sun Ultra V.

This machine is definitely on my wish-list. I was waiting for a more affordable machine from Sun, so I wouldn't have to resort to 2nd hand anymore. I'm just afraid on how the pricing for us Europeans will turn out. If I'm to rely on experience, it will be close to €1000,- here... Following conversion rates it should be closer to €800,- but oh well.

Awesome :).

Switched to Xfce

Sunday, June 26, 2005
And a small additional post to my previous very long one: today I completed the transition from Gnome 2.10 to Xfce 4.2.1. This transition has been in the making for a while now; not because Gnome sucks or anything, it's more because Xfce is a little faster and overall cleaner.

The obligatory screenshot:

Why I hate republics & more... *Update*

Update: It's a girl! Princess Maxima gave birth to a healthy daughter. The name will be made public later. A happy Prince Willem Alexander presented the healthy girl to the press outside the Bronovo hospital in The Hague.

My best of whishes to the lucky parents, and of course to the baby itself! Happy day for Dutch Monarchists :).


Today, Princess Maxima has been rushed into the hospital; she and my Crown Prince Willem-Alexander are expecting their second child. This new-born will be the 3rd in line of successing the Throne (after Willem-Alexander himself and their first child, Princess Catherina Amalia). I hope the delivery will be an easy one, giving a healthy successor to the Dutch Throne.

I find this a good opportunity to explain to y'all why I find the Dutch democratic Constitutional Monarchy superior to the American or British democracies. Be advised, this entry is long.

Winner Takes All

The most important difference between the Dutch democracy and the British/American ones is the fact that we have a system of proportional representation. That simply means that each party gets a number of seats in parliament directly proportional to the precentage of votes, nationwide, they have recieved in the elections. An example: the Dutch Christian Democrats (Christelijk Democratisch Appel, CDA) get 20% of the votes nationwide. This means that they get 20% of the 150 seats in our parliament, which equals to 30 seats.

That makes sense, doesn't it? Yet, the US and the UK, among others, employ another, less fair, voting system.

That system is called the district system in Dutch, but it's also known as the 'first past the post'-system, and in Political science it's called: 'Single-Member District Plurality'. In this system, the country is chopped up into several districts. Each district holds its own elections. Say we have a district Qwerty with a voting population of 100 people. There are three parties attending these elections, party X, Y and Z. X gets 40 votes, Y 30 and Z also 30. Now, what happens in a district system is this: because X has the most votes in Qwerty, all 100 votes in Qwerty will go to party X (District system is sometimes referred to as "Winner takes all"). Meaning, the other 60% of voters are completely ignored.

That doesn't sound very fair, now, does it? But wait, that's not all.

Say Qwerty is only one of ten districts in the country. In all those districts, the results are exactly the same. So, when the elections are over, and the districts send in their results to the parliament, which consists of ten seats (each seat representing a district, a given for the district system), the results are mindboggling. Even though party X only had 40% of the overall votes, they get *all* the seats in the parliament! How crazy is that! The US, and to a lesser extent the UK, pride itself on having a democracy, while in fact, large portions of the people get ignored!

This became emberassingly obvious in the 2000 elections; George W. Bush' rival Al Gore got *more* votes than Bush, yet he did not become president. Gore got 540 000 more votes than Bush; these people are all completely ignored, thanks to the highly undemocratic district system.

I Don't Like Republics

There is more in the US system that I don't approve of. The most vital of this is the fact that the US is a Republic. I detest republics. Let me explain why.

In a republic, people directly elect their head of state. That in itself poses a big problem. It poses a problem because when you directly elect a person, instead of say, a party/ideology, then that person's character, face, expression, etc. becomes more important than his ideas. That's a very bad thing. A good example is the classic story of the first ever electory TV debate in US history; Nixon vs. Kennedy in 1960. Kennedy appeared young, fresh, and handsome, whereas Nixon was older, more tired and less attractive. This lead to the interesting end result of the debate: people who watched the debate on TV, declared Kennedy as the winner, whereas people who listened to the debate on the radio, deemed Nixon as the winner (historians find them evenly matched). Clear-cut evidence for the fact that appearance means more than content.

Another important aspect of directly electing leaders in the US that I don't like is the fact that individuals and companies will associate themselves with the candidates, giving money to the campaigns. This contradicts everything I stand for. This basically means that the candidate with the most money will have better chances to win the elections because he can afford it to have bigger shows, more commercials on TV, etc.

That is impossible in my country. Individuals may fund the campaign, but this is bound by strict rules and regulations (and the financial households of parties are completely transparant; they must publicise everything). The starting point is that political parties play an extremely vital role, and therefore their integrity must be safeguarded at all costs. Parties must not be influenced by money. This works pretty good, as the bookyear 2000 shows; totally, all political parties generated an income of € 28 667 357,-. Only 4.8% of that amount, € 1 369 422,-, was generated via gifts (source, PDF, in Dutch). Goes to show that a political system can work perfectly without money (28 million is a very small amount).

In the Netherlands, we do not directly elect our prime-minister. We have a simple rule of thumb that says that the biggest party will deliver the PM. Usually this is also the one who will form the government; in that title he is called the 'formateur'. The formateur is preceded by the informateur; the informateur researches the possible coalitions. The formateur and informateur are both appointed by the Crown. That may seem undemocratic, but in theory it's no different in the US. In the US, the electoral vote can differ from the people's vote; this is a relic of the old days in which this system was implemented to correct a wrong descision made by the people. In essence, my Queen or King has the same role. However, in practice, in the past 170 years, he or she has never used this power to alter the people's vote. If he or she would, it would basically mean the end of the dynasty.

However, this does show that the Dutch Queen has a lot more power than other monarchies of Europe, where the role of the Monarchy is strictly ceremonial.

Why We Can't Be A Republic

There's an important reason why my country will never be able to function properly as a republic.

We have a very pluriform party system in the Netherlands. Currently, we have about 11 parties in parliament. None of them have ever reached a majority vote of 51%; that's simply impossible. That creates a very awkward problem for the imaginary presidential elections; neither of the candidates will be able to gain a majority in the elections! That would inevitably lead to a second round, but that's undemocratic as hell. Here's why: say, 5 candidates will enter the elections(some parties will collaborate, especially the smaller ones). According to Dutch tradition, neither of them will be able to get 51% of the votes. Say we have a result of 30%, 25%, 20%, 15%, and 10%. The 30% and 25% will go through to the next round. Say the 30% candidate now gets 55%; he becomes president. But, infact, when *all* choices are presented to the public (like it's supposed to in a democracy), he only gets the support of 30%. That would mean he is *not* supported by a majority of the Dutch public, making his presidency a farce.

Now, I can hear you say: "What the fcuk are you talking about, no one elected your Queen!". At first sight, this seems like an excellent point. Untill you know that polls show that about 90%-95% supports the dynasty of House Of Orange (my Royal family).

That's It

I guess that abouts sums it up. Sorry for the long read everyone, but I hope you learned something. I'm not saying that the Dutch system is superior to all; I just tried to explain why I find it better than other systems. Thanks for the attention :). Feel free to slaughter me in the comments section!

Managing editor at OSNews.com

Friday, June 24, 2005
I can now announce that I'm the new "Managing editor" of OSNews.com-- my duties there will be very similair to Eugenia's, before she left. I'm very pleased with all this.

This leaves Expert Zone with a problem. Andrew, EZ's owner, is coming along with me, so Expert Zone will be dead. We are going in cold storage mode with EZ: it'll stay up, but no more updates will come.

I'm happy about this!


It's official: as of 12:10 today, we have had a heatwave. For five days straight, the Royal Dutch Metreological Institute (KNMI) has measured temperatures in De Bilt of over 25 ℃, and of those five days three reached the 30 ℃. It's hot!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


Anyway, today I bought a nice new pair of shoes for the summer, some nice Pumas.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Cool huh? As you can see, I also bought a pair of them weird 'half socks'. They are hip as hell here for a few years now, but I always dubbed them as stupid. Now, I bought a pair too, as this is way better then not wearing socks or wearing long socks (with this weather).

Yeah, I feel hip (and sweaty and hot and tired and ...) :)

New high score!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

OH YEAH My new Bejeweled2 (PalmOS) high score! Just yesterday I was pissed off for not breaking the million (got stuck 940000ish), and just a few moments ago I obliterated that record!


Wireless sucks butt

Why on earth is everybody so keen on wireless mice, headphones, keyboards, etc?

I *hate* wireless equipment. One word: batteries. It's just plain silly to have a wireless keyboard anyway, I mean, how many times are you moving your keyboard around the house? How many times have you used your mouse on the other end of your room? And in the end, you still have to plug *something* in the back of your computer (the reciever), and as an extra extreme annoyance, you get the batteries. And of course, they always run out on a saturday night so you're switching batteries with your TV remote, only to found out you already did that trick a few months ago. Goddamnit.

That's why no mouse or keyboard of my computers is wireless. The only wireless computer thing in this house is my PalmOne Tungsten E2, which uses BlueTooth to connect to my iBook.

Wireless input devices are a hype. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Weekend

Tuesday, June 21, 2005
A bit late, but I still have to describe my weekend... Saturday eve I went to Marcel's place, where his girl Jorien also was. Tom, EJ, Lizet and Mark were also there. First, we watched some TV together, everyone played around with my Palm (especially the notepad app (where you can freedraw) was extremely popular... I got all sorts of weird pictures on it now).

A bit later we decided to go out to Alkmaar. After some initial resistance, I became the designated driver (ugh), so no alcohol for me that night. We again went to the little 'sub pub' of the Notaris (how in hell am I else supposed to call it??). I really like that little pub all the way in the back of the Notaris-- it's a little more quiet so you can hold a decent conversation. Which is cool. It was a fun evening. I got back at around 2:00, I think. I walked to my iBook just to see Renate still online on MSN-- she was, well, a little tipsy, so to speak. Funny :).


On Sunday I had a "date" (not really, but still), with Bianca. I dated with her for a few months a year ago, and our seperation wasn't all that friendly and easy. What I'm trying to say: there's always this tension between us, at least that's how I feel it. Luckily the past is the past and we can get along pretty well now, which I value a great deal. We had a little skeeler tour of our own; we went pretty far, had a little rest in the middle of nowhere. Cows were there too, I always get the freaky idea that cows are watching *us* instead of us watching *them*. Really. I moo to them, but they don't respond. They just stare back at you. There's more to a cow's theory of mind than we know. I'm sure of it.

Anyway, after the skeeler tour we had some ice cream, and we rested in the shade (it was 30 degrees centegrade the last few days!) on this sand-dune. After that, I brought her home. It was a fun afternoon, and sorry for being late girl, but you know me :).


On monday (30 degrees again) I went to het Waagplein in Alkmaar with Renate (and one of her friends joined in too), to have a few drinks. It was cool, gotta do it again soon. When are we gonna have another movienight, Renaat? :).


There, the weekend report done. Have a nice week y'all.


Sunday, June 19, 2005
Ah, the crap continues. Yet again a completely legit post of mine got deleted on the SkyOS forums without any form of notice, warning, or whatsoever.

Nice way to treat a community. Keep working at it, SkyOS team.

Eugenia leaves OSNews.com

Saturday, June 18, 2005
The end of an era? I knew that this day was coming, but still.

I've been reading OSNews.com for about 3 years now; I've submitted numerous articles and news items there. My best article was also published on OSNews.com.

It's a shame to see Eugenia quitting OSNews. It's completely understandable though; the amount of extreme zealots on OSNews was simply overwhelming; and over the past three years I've seen some seriously ugly words being sent her direction, by kids who probably have never seen a real girl before. It's sad that it has to go this way, but hey that's life.

Anyway, I wish to thank Eugenia for the work she has put into OSNews.com, GnomeFiles.org and of course the new Dusty-Computing. It's been a productive three years for me on OSNews, and the experience I gained there are now put to use for my work at Expert Zone. I learned a lot from how news items ought to be posted from simply looking at OSNews.

I'm afraid that Eugenia's exit will also mean the end for OSNews as the numero uno for news on alternative computing (Slashdot is for the kids I just mentioned). Even though I'm quite sure that this will be the end, it might also not be. However, don't get your hopes up. I now know how hard work it is to keep a computing news site up-to-date, and trust me, it's not a simple job. It's plain working, goddamnit :). Don't expect a replacement to be found easily (I once thought of asking to become a news editor on OSNews, but that was like a *long* time ago. Got EZ now).

So, thanks, Eugenia, and I hope you'll still pop up every now and then on online discussions!

Announcing Dusty-Computing!

Thursday, June 16, 2005
Thar she blows!

She's up! Enjoy! From the announcement featured on three different sites at the same time:

Dusty-Computing is now open! A collaboration between TipMonkies.com, OSNews.com and Expert-Zone.com, Dusty-Computing aims to become the biggest archive of old and/or exotic computer systems (BeBox, NeXT, SPARC, SGI, Altos, etc). In order to achieve that goal, we need your help. Use our form to describe your hardware, its modifications, its condition, its software, how you acquired it etc. After you submitted your piece of history, feel free to talk & discuss on the forums. Finally, the site features a mobile-friendly design for those of you on the go.

Weekend & Week

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Had a wonderful weekend and start of the week!

Saturdayeve Renate came over to my place. We had a nice, relaxed evening watching Dit Was Het Nieuws and the entire 1st season of Fawlty Towers on DVD. I believe I went to bed at around 04:00 :).

Sunday, my grandma celebrated her 83rd birthday. Was nice to see the family again.

Monday wasn't all that exciting. Today, however, was :). I again met up with Renate, this time in big city Alkmaar. Renate went shopping for clothes, and I went along for company, but ended up buying a few things too. I bought a new shirt and two new posters (one of Marylin Monroe, and another one that I cannot describe). Renaat bought two new jeans, a pair of shoes and two new bellybutton piercings (freaky stuff). Oh yeah I also bought the new Top Gear.

And when I came home (had to drop off Renate first at Alkmaar Central Station), another surprise was waiting: my Palm Tungsten E2! Damn, that thing rocks! The gadget factor is so over the top, not funny anymore! I'll probably review this thing for Exp Zone, not sure yet.

Michael Jackson

As is known for almost 24hrs now, Michael Jackson has been acquited of all ten charges. Let's hope that this great artist, one of the best musicians in the history of mankind, can make at least one new album that will blow everyone, every critic, every fan, every indifferent person, away.

Let's hope he can turn this horrifying experience into good music.

Cats are dangerous...?

Monday, June 13, 2005
I don't give a fcuk. My cats are the best things that ever happened to me, and some pesky little 'infection' that isn't proven yet, as the article contains nothing about the research itself, the statistic side, etc. ain't gonna change that. In other words, a load of shit.


Saturday, June 11, 2005
The Sandisk SanSa e140 MP3-player, including 512mb SD memory card, arrived in the mail today. I'll be reviewing it for Expert Zone, and the first impressions are very positive.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Just been checking the Wikipedia entry on Oasis, and as it turns out, now that I've bought "Don't believe the truth" (their newest album, released 30t May this year), I only need to get "Be here now" and "The masterplan", and my collection is complete!

I hereby pledge...

I hereby pledge that by the end of this day, I will have accomplished the seemingly impossible: I want Linux to work with my 250mb internal Iomega Zipdrive. If not, I will install Windows XP so I can properly use my internal Zipdrive (and my other 5 Zipdrives (internal & external) I have lying around).

Anyone reading this, is my witness.

(Fcuk what am I getting myself into. I have tried this numrous times).

Update: All of a sudden, my Zipdrive has turned into a valid block device! :D I have no idea what I did or how I did it, but it worked :). Fstab entries are correct all of a sudden, mounting/ejecting, all permissions etc. are set correctly. Damn, I should threaten to install Windows more often! It works! And here's the proof:

1: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us 2: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This now means that Ubuntu is a 100% legit replacement for me :).


This is still the coolest creature to ever walk on this planet. And also look at this one-- one of the official illustrations from Alice's Adventures In Wonderland... And as frequent visitors of my blog will know, I'm a *huge* fan of the two Alice books. They're amazing and should be standard reading material on all high schools, there are so many life lessons to be learned from those two stories. Mind you, I'm not referring to the mushy Disney version; I'm talking about the original 19th century un-edited English version. Got them both, read them numerous times :D.

Tipmonkies podcast

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
I just participated in the latest Tipmonkies podcast, and I must say it was a great thing to do. You can download/hear the podcast here. We will be discussing the Apple/Intel deal (what else?). Quite interesting.

Martin & Jason, thanks for inviting me and I hope we can do it again sometime!

Dead wrong

Monday, June 06, 2005
Okay, I was as much wrong as I could be.

I can already see the 2nd hand price of my iBook hitting rock-bottom... >:(

Final thoughts on Apple

Sunday, June 05, 2005
Okay, I swear this is the last post I'm gonna make on this whole Apple/Intel deal before the keynote. Here are my predicitions for what could happen tomorrow. I'm not explaining them all again.

Apple will not make a full switch to the Pentium processor. As far as I'm concerned, it is far more likely that Intel will OR supply Apple with Xscale processors for a new PDA/tabletpc like device, OR will start making PowerPC processors for Apple. Apple owns a lot of IP on the PPC, so Apple may have licensed that tech to Intel. Would be a win-win situation for Intel: they get Apple as their customer (which they have been wanting for a *long* time), *and* they could use that IP to improve the Pentium line, gaining a competitive advantage over AMD. For Apple, Intel will prove a better supplier than IBM.

In 24 hours, we'll know.

Saturday eve

I went out yesterday eve with Jorien, Marcel, Erik Jan, Tom, Sander and Lizet, to the Notaris in Alkmaar. It was a very nice evening :). We first watched some TV at my place, which was hilarious. After that, we hopped into our cars, and drove off. I was supposed to be driving, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my driving skills weren't needed after all :). Which was cool, as I could drink now.

No matter what people say, going out is simply more fun *with* alcohol. I don't give a crap about political correctness. In the Netherlands, drinking already starts at a very young age, and in the last few years it kinda went over-the-top. When I started drinking alcohol seven years ago, when I was 13, I learned it the hard way: pure Baccardi, no crap. Today; it's different. They have these "mix" drinks now, which are basically lemonade with alcohol. The alcohol companies made them to specifically target the age 10-15 group. In my country it's not uncommon for 10 year olds to be already drinking. We say shame about it but we do fcuk all to improve the situation. Which is evil. Okay, the rules are followed more strictly now at pubs (you gotta be 18, but when I was 13 I could get into every pub I wanted. In the past few years, they have made the fines for pub-owners who get cought letting in underaged kids a lot higher, so the bouncers are extremely strict now), but the problem is that most kids buy alcohol at supermarkets now. Also is illegal, but hey they get a 16 year old to do it.

Anyways, we had a great time, lots of laughs, just great :). I got a little too overexcited with the alcohol though *cough*. Also, I ran into Renate, a little later on Sascha and I also got a txt msg from Henriette, who asked me to come to the Corridor. However, I was pretty far away (as me and my friends call it), and as most people with a social life will know, T9 and alcohol don't go together ;). Sorry Hette! I'll be... More present next time :).

When I got home (round 3:15), I flipped open my iBook to check my mail (even in that state, I still check my mail and Exp Zone/OSNews). AdiumX was still running, so accidentally I logged back on and just at that time Bianca also came online; we had a little talk over the phone, then we went to sleep.

Great evening guys and girls!


And this morning I woke up pretty well (I never have real hangovers) and other than the usual lack of appetite and extreme thirst, all was well. A shower and a coffee later, I met up with Marcel to go on a little skeeler tour. We skeelered for about 50 minutes, so not too long. I made some videos with my mobile (.3gp format, plays fine in Quicktime & vlc):

  • Marcel

  • Thom 1

  • Thom 2
  • Even more thoughts on Apple

    Saturday, June 04, 2005
    I've had the chance to quietly think this over while at work...

    No way in hell that Apple will *ever* make OSX run on off-the-shelf Pentium processors; so far almost everyone agrees. It would be stupid; they'd be killing off their entire profitable hardware division. They will never ever do that. Remember, the first thing Steve Jobs did when he returned to Apple was: Killing the clones.

    Do you really think he's gonna open up OSX now? Exactly now, when piracy is rampant? No way in hell.

    I've had a day to think about this, and as far as I'm concerned, Apple *will not* switch to Intel for their iBooks, Powerbooks, iMacs, Powermacs, Mini Macs and eMacs. It is far more likely that Apple is working on either a PDA-like device, or more of a tablet-like computer-- using the Intel Xscale processor. Apple has recently filed a series of patents regarding a tablet-like computer.

    Also, there are two news items that DO NOT support Cnet's claim that Apple will make a full transition to x86. First off, analysts are expecting that Apple will reveal dual-core G5s and notebook G5s this week at the WWDC. This is news from yesterday. Also, IBM has *just* transferred a group of people to work on the Power6 architecture, the next generation of POWER, targetting 6ghz.

    These newsbits *do not* confirm Cnet's findings. I'm not implying that Cnet is wrong, oh no, I'm just implying that Cnet may have taken it a few steps too far (a new tablet-like computer, for instance, based on Intel hardware does not mean a full shift towards x86).

    Anyhow, monday, 19:00 CET, Job's Keynote. They better stream it, goddamnit.

    Hell freezes over - Update!

    Update: I'm still sceptical. You know, some comments on Expert Zone and OSNews emphasized that this announcement does NOT specifically have to mean that Apple is going to use off-the-shelf Pentium processors; Apple and Intel may have agread upon creating special versions of the Pentium processors. Some even mentioned the idea of Intel creating a PPC omcpatible processor (a bit unlikely, but at this stage I'm not surprised by anything anymore).

    However, a lot of things still do not make sense. Yesterday, I posted on Expert Zone about the new dual-core G5 that analysts expect to arrive to the Mac next week. That news is completely incompatible with the current news about Intel...

    I'll await monday. Do they stream Job's keynote?


    So, it's getting more and more likely.

    I think this is a rather odd move. While IBM indeed is incapable of delivering faster G5s, I just don't see the merit in moving to an x86 platform than more Mhz. Apple woul,d firstly have to port all it's apps to again a new platform. All 3rd party developers will have to do the same. Apple will have to compete in the most saturated market in the computer world: the x86 market.

    Of course, Apple's PC's will not be generic off-the-shelf x86n crap, but we all know it won;t take long untill some smart coder creates a hack so that OSX can run on any Dell or Compaq machine. And when that happens, Apple's hardware market could be out of business pretty soon. Now, most of you will say: "Yeah sure, people won't be able to easily make such a hack." No, not easily, but hey, how many people said it would be impossible to make an PPC emulator for x86? In order to run OSX on a standarfd x86?

    I think this is more of a Steve Jobs ego being tampered with due to IBMs apparant lack of interest in developing the G5 furter. Apple sells only 5 million G5s, while for instance the PS2, Xbox 2 and Revolution will sell 100s of millions of machines. No wonder IBM isn't interested.

    I myself would have figured that Apple would be moving towards the Cell processor; or at least a variant of it. I simply can't believe they're moving to x86. I can't believe it. However, Eugenia just IMd me that it's probably true...

    Gotta go to work now... :/

    Foresight Wiki

    Friday, June 03, 2005
    Okay, the Foresight Wiki is in major maintenance mode, for a complete rewrite. I'm currently implementing Gil's "Natural Language" concept, and I must say, the end result looks better than I had expected. A lot more work has to be done though. Especially the translators will have one hell of a job... And, the Wiki edit RSS feed is going mental :).


    Hi, people on Planet Foresight!

    Miguel De Icaza on KDE

    Thursday, June 02, 2005
    Priceless quote from Miguel De Icaza during his keynote at GUADEC:

    They have developped this.. And I think it's in their DNA, everytime they see an empty space on a dialog box, they stick a new widget there.


    We won!!

    Wednesday, June 01, 2005
    WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! Let's get out the champagne! The Dutch, my people, have voted NO to the EU const! Woohoo!

    62% showed up.

    63% said NO.
    37% said YES.