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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

History is written by the winners

I must say I haven't been using the BeOS that much anymore lately. My PII with Zeta RC3 on it is basically collecting dust; the BeOS logo printed on photo-paper that I glued over the Compaq logo doesn't change the fact that BeOS is trailing behind. No denying that. And that's a shame, obviously.

The only OS that I use for the full 100% is OS X. And even though Tiger has annoyences that Panther did not have (come on Mr. Jobs, why can't I remove the Google search field in Safari 2.0? Why did you allow the disastrous make-over of Mail? Why are there visual remnants in Textedit, Mail, Safari, ..., ...?), it's still the best operating system out there currently, for me. The other OS that I use very often is Ubuntu, and lately Foresight Linux has been added to that list (I'm doing work on the Wiki).

Even though I find OS X the current-day best OS out there, BeOS is still the best OS of *all time* to me. When put in perspective, BeOS was simply superior to all others available at that time (say, 1999, 2000)(ignoring the networking capabilities, or better yet, lack thereof). Features that BeOS had for more than 6 years, are currently being implemented in operating systems as being 'revolutionary' and what not. But hey, that's life. History is written by the winners.

To me, currently, there are two operating systems that are mature and user-friendly enough for the everyday users such as my parents and friends. Those are OSX and Windows. This mostly has to do with the fact that buying a Windows machine or a Mac is basically all there's to it; unpack the box, plug the power in and you're done. Machines pre-installed with other operating systems are non-existant in my country, and no matter how easy the installation routine is, no matter how fancy the graphics are; an alternative operating system will never gain a serious foothold among the 90% of computer illiterates as long as it doesn't come pre-installed and ready-to-go.

That's the cold-harsh reality of the computer world today. If you want your alt. OS to succeed, then prepare for some heavy butt-kissing at computer manufacturers. And probably that ain't even enough.
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8:13 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

You got that right. BeOS was pretty good, but hardware manufacturers didn't care about it, and so it went into oblivion.


11:42 PM, by Blogger Andre

... BeOS was the best OS ever, if you ask me ... but unfortunately the best doesn't always win ...    

1:33 AM, by Anonymous Anonymous

BeOS was not the best OS ever. It had some innovative and good features, but it had its problems too. Compared to the other OSes at the time, I think that Win2000 was better than BeOS overall (Win98, OS9 and Linux/Unix sucked back then so much that made everyone think of BeOS as the best OS ever).

BeOS lacked multi-user, good networking, OpenGL, under-the-hood speed, software apps, serious dev tools, good hardware support and no, it wasn't full proof regarding stability either.

Comparing Win2k to BeOS on the other hand, it had all what BeOS didn't have, but it didn't have BeOS' user-perceivable desktop speed, innovative filesystem, consistency, simplicity and most importantly: SOUL (BeOS felt that was an alive entity sometimes!).

BeOS was great giving an overall good experience IF what BeOS was offering you was ENOUGH for you in the first place. But if you needed MORE out of your computer, then Win2k was a much better choice.


11:15 AM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Indeed, it depends on how you look at it. I added the two words "to me" in my post to clarify that. I mean, I don't need multiuser, don't need more networking than internet, I can't code, and my computers are so generic when it comes to hardware, that I never had any problems with that either.

So, I never really encountered the setbacks. And yeah, BeOS felt like it had a soul... I still remember and love the "Bummer." in dialog boxes... Genious!

It feels as if BeOS was working with you instead of other operating systems that always seem to work against you... Whether it be spyware on Windows, no decent system config tools in Linux or weird inconsistencies in Tiger, there's always this feeling that you're driving a lorry down the small streets of Rome... Whereas with BeOS it feels as if you're driving a Ferrari F430...

However, as we all know, BeOS is no feasable option today. The biggest lack currently, even in Zeta RC3, is a decent webbrowser. I mean, I'm already no fan of Firefox, but the BeOS port is so crappy it's just not funny anymore. Another problem is a decent office suite. Even though GoBE is kinda cool and all, it's old.

I'm anxiously waiting for Zeta R1. Expert Zone will be recieving a review copy from yT, so I can't wait :).    

6:55 PM, by Blogger Andre

Indeed, it depends on what the user wants.... Well I am a firefox fan, so a good browser is not what I miss ... What I miss is a good P2P prog ( not mldonkey ) a program (plugin) to stream to a shoutcast server ..
and an office suite...

I am looking forward to Zeta 1.0,
( and the review )    

7:42 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

I have the latest Zeta installed (I am a beta tester), it's better than in the past. It still has bugs that I personally consider show-stoppers (e.g. bugs when resizing a reiserfs partition -- don't try it), but it's getting there.


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