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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.


After reading this post on Eugenia's blog, I got very interested in the movie "Equilibrium". Today, I went to Richard the video rental place guy, and he pointed me towards the movie. I had my doubts about it. Reviews on the net weren't exactly raving with excitement. However, I liked the setting and therefor I wanted to see it.

It's a weird movie. Even though the story isn't bad, it's just... Bland. It could have been a lot more, so to speak. It all went a bit too... Fast, too easy, too slick. Which is a damn shame, as I am very fond of post-apolcalyptic worlds. The problem with post-apocalyptic settings is that it is very hard to not make everything seem so... 'Kitsch' (I'm not entirely sure if that word means the same in English as it does in Dutch). The decors and actions scenes were incredible though, they looked very cool. Obviously the action scenes have a very Matrix-like feel to it, but hey, that's the set standard now.

The acting wasn't particularly exciting either. Christian Bale did not outperform his magnificant performance in "American Psycho". The other actors were depthless, they had no character of any kind-- but then again, that's probably inherent to the setting of the movie.

All-in-all I find this movie not hard to grade. The action definitely gets a 8.5/10. The story a 5/10... No, a 6/10, the idea is interesting. The acting gets a 4/10. Overall, that becomes a 6.2/10. In words: wait for the TV premiere.
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1:44 AM, by Blogger Tom

Google to the rescue!


5:00 AM, by Anonymous Anonymous

I liked the movie. I think acting was ok, especiall Fichtner. ;-)

Yes, it could have been much more, but the movie ran out of money. At the end, they didn't have a single penny for marketing left, this is why the movie only did 1.5 million dollars in the box office (which is nothing compared to 100+ million of other blockbusters).


9:58 AM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Yeah I could've used Google I guess. However, I already went through my three Dutch-English dictionaries (you know, the old-fashioned ones, made out of ink and paper) and two of them didn't include the word at all, and the third one simply said "Kitsch-Kitsch". So that wasn't really a help either.

This movie is gonna do nice on TV, as the action is, I'll repeat it, amazingly cool. Maybe in half a decade someone will make a remake of this movie, and do it properly ;).

PS: I don't like how Blogger puts my face on every comment I make now :(.    

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