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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

They're here!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005
My skeelers arrived this morning! The seller packaged them very well, everything was a-ok. I immediatly took them for a spin, obviously :). Felt bit weird though at first, have to get used to it again. Some pics of my Raps High Voltage shoe / Target frame / American Slicks 77.5mm ABEC-5 wheels:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And this one, added the creditcard to give you some idea of the sheer size of this thing:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Cool, huh? If you're wondering where the brakes are... Well, there aren;t any. The only brake you have is your body in combination with the tarmac.

Miss Universe

The new Miss Universe. She's gonna work for world peace. You go girl. Anyway, of course I had to take a look at the Chinese and Japanese contestants... Japan or China? China or Japan...? Okay, Japan:


As long as she goes for world peace, she's my girl.

He's got it all wrong

Monday, May 30, 2005
This American guy has it all wrong:

It's about trying to turn Europe in to a faux nation. It's about protectionism. It's about Europe thinking it is a world player when it is no longer. And it's about a bad constitution that made up for in bureaucracy what it lacked in vision.

Even though I agree with him on the point that the proposed const. sucks butt, he is completely mis-informed about the current position of Europe. Who does he think are the world players? China? It's becoming one. But it's still fragile as its current economic power is based upon an intriguengly complicated model of combining the old Maoism with capitalism. India? India is also a growing power, but not even close to China's current position. The US? Ugh-- the power of the US is largely based on the militairy overweight, not on economical strength. The national debt of the US is so large, that on average, the US government owes each individual on this planet about $ 2100,-. Nice.

Europe is still the center of the world. Socially (social security is a million times more humane and cheaper than in the US), economically (the Euro is a sound currency (no matter how much I hate it), and the US national debt I mentioned), and, err, 'freedomly' (there is no freedom of speech in the US).

It's time that the US citizens face the fact that the US ain't all bliss and halleluja. Hello, Captain America, you're not living in the promised land. As Bruce Springsteen so fittingly put it: "Is a dream a lie if it don't come true?"

Open Desktop Workstation

I'm currently in talks with Genesi. They have agreed upon sending me an Open Desktop Workstation, so I can review the ODW, including MorphOS and the various Linuxes available for the PegasosPPC, for Expert Zone. I'm quite excited about this. Right now, they are discussing whether to wait until the MorphOS 1.5 release, or to send it to me now with MorphOS 1.4.5. I'll patiently await their decision.


Sunday, May 29, 2005
First exit polls from France are pouring in. Exit polls are, in contrary to US exit polls, extremely reliable. This exit poll is based on the results of 3 major poling agencies in France, and the French Secret Service (?). 75% of the electorate has shown up.


55% have voted NO.

x86 is evil

Note: This is a blind rant. Don't take a man's word in anger serious ;).

[14:46] dear lord im not made to use x86 :(
[14:46] *every* time i add a drive or something, something with the slave/master fcuks up
[14:46] damn legacy crap.
[14:53] <-- coolgoose has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[14:53] riiiiight i need to put a zipdisk in my internal zipdrive in order for my hdd to be detected
[14:54] yeah x86 is the best arch, suuuure
[14:54] crap


Update: Had to *reverse* (???) an IDE cable in order to get it to work. Why-o-why, Intel and AMD, must x86 suck so much.

High voltage

Saturday, May 28, 2005
Woohoo! Just bought me a nice pair of Raps skeelers (skeelers != skates, people!!) ! They're the Raps High Voltage shoe and Target frame combination. ABEC 5 bearings, 80mm wheels... Awesome. I used to drool over these when I was like 15... Now I'm 20 and I have them :). Just a few more days though, the seller has to send them of course.

I'm happy!

Hot and humid

Friday, May 27, 2005
Dear lord it's the first true hot summer's day here in the Netherlands... It's currently about 29 degrees centergrade (87.8 F), and that combined with a humidity of about 50% (I live 15km east of the North Sea coast; about 0.5m below sealevel), is simply killing. My car doesn't have airco, and airco in houses is extremely rare here (we don't get much of these hot days).

Working on Expert Zone is not humane with this weather :(.

History is written by the winners

Thursday, May 26, 2005
I must say I haven't been using the BeOS that much anymore lately. My PII with Zeta RC3 on it is basically collecting dust; the BeOS logo printed on photo-paper that I glued over the Compaq logo doesn't change the fact that BeOS is trailing behind. No denying that. And that's a shame, obviously.

The only OS that I use for the full 100% is OS X. And even though Tiger has annoyences that Panther did not have (come on Mr. Jobs, why can't I remove the Google search field in Safari 2.0? Why did you allow the disastrous make-over of Mail? Why are there visual remnants in Textedit, Mail, Safari, ..., ...?), it's still the best operating system out there currently, for me. The other OS that I use very often is Ubuntu, and lately Foresight Linux has been added to that list (I'm doing work on the Wiki).

Even though I find OS X the current-day best OS out there, BeOS is still the best OS of *all time* to me. When put in perspective, BeOS was simply superior to all others available at that time (say, 1999, 2000)(ignoring the networking capabilities, or better yet, lack thereof). Features that BeOS had for more than 6 years, are currently being implemented in operating systems as being 'revolutionary' and what not. But hey, that's life. History is written by the winners.

To me, currently, there are two operating systems that are mature and user-friendly enough for the everyday users such as my parents and friends. Those are OSX and Windows. This mostly has to do with the fact that buying a Windows machine or a Mac is basically all there's to it; unpack the box, plug the power in and you're done. Machines pre-installed with other operating systems are non-existant in my country, and no matter how easy the installation routine is, no matter how fancy the graphics are; an alternative operating system will never gain a serious foothold among the 90% of computer illiterates as long as it doesn't come pre-installed and ready-to-go.

That's the cold-harsh reality of the computer world today. If you want your alt. OS to succeed, then prepare for some heavy butt-kissing at computer manufacturers. And probably that ain't even enough.


Congratulations, Liverpool!!! What an exciting match! A Champion's League final as we rarely get to see... After the first half, AC Milan was leading with 3-0 (!). Maldini opened the score after 53 seconds (fastest CL Final goal since the '50s). Later on in the 1st half, Cresp scored two goals, especially his 2nd was one of extreme beauty. In the meantime, Liverpool was nowhere to be seen. There was no cohesion in the team, it was as if Liverpool wasn't even on the field at all.

The 2nd half changed everything. Liverpool made some crucial changes in its strategy in order to relieve its defence; they went from a 433 setup to a 343 setup. This was a golden move. Within seven minutes, Liverpool catched up to 3-3.

The 30 minutes extra time didn't decide a winner, so time for the penalty shootout. Dudek, Liverpool's keeper (ex-Feijenoord), stopped three penalties. Liverpool won the Champion's League!!

Fathers For Justice

Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Dutch beer brand Grolsch is currently running one of the most enchanting commercials ever made... It's a huge success here in the Netherlands. I can talk all I want, but you gotta see it in order to understand it.

Click here.

The woman... She's not the usual superblonde big boobed supermodel, but... She has class, style... Those gloves... She's the epitome of a stylish woman. Then, they're not let in into the posh place. They walk along, and hear piano-play coming from a pub with the Grolsch sign. They walk in, and she softly sings along with the piano. The pianoman notices, and makes sure everyone else does too. The stylish lady sings louder, with a crystal clear voice (sending shivers down my spine). The commercial ends with them getting their ordered beers. At the end: "Beer. Grolsch style."



More serious matters now. Fathers For Justice. An organization of divorced fathers who do not get to see their children anymore due to the protection of the mother by law. Mothers deciding that they cannot see their children anymore. They protest in a very special way: they dress up as Batman, Spiderman, etc and stand still for hours at public buildings, usually on the roofs and such.

About 68000 children are involved in divorces each year in The Netherlands. About 17000 of them never get to see their fathers again. Another 17000 barely see their fathers ever again. Currently, a new law is in for debate in the Dutch Lower House. This law will enable the use of financial penalties to fine mothers who do not abide by the visiting rights.

I support Fathers For Justice with all my heart. You too?

Redoing Expert Zone

Alex is going to redo the entire Expert Zone website. Andrew agreed, so we gave Alex the green light. Andrew and I have given Clearlooks as the big source to draw inspiration from, graphic-wise. Alex will make sure our current database of over 1200 news stories will be converted to the new site/cms. Thanks in advance for your work and interest, Alex!


Monday, May 23, 2005
Why does this never happen to me? I'd love to recieve a call from Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, or, better yet, Lindsay Lohan! Or, or, Catherina Zeta-Jones or, or... :).


I have made my first ever site! Yeah, this site is solely about me, obviously. It's made using the wonderful NVU.


Went to the Media Markt again today... Had to buy some cheap-as CD-Rs. Of course I couldn't stop playing with the iPods again, and in addition I also studied the (rather slim) collection of PDAs. Only two were active: an Asus one and the Palm Zire 71. The Asus was obviously a whole lot better. But, I liked the silver iPod Mini even better... So many choices...


Had a talk with Alex (13x171um), and he is very interested in re-doign Expert Zone. Now it's up to Andrew to give a final word.

Idea, Cont'd

Saturday, May 21, 2005
Okay, we got everything set. We have a domainname, the idea has been materialized, now it's up to Eugenia to do the really hard work. In about a week or so, we can announce the project to the world :).


Been to Renate this evening. Been a while since I seen her so it was a nice evening. She's having a really tough time at university, so much work it just ain't funny anymore. But she's a smart and strong girl, she's gonna make it, I just know.


Thursday, May 19, 2005
Didn't have a very noteworthy day today. Had to get up really early, because I had to drive my dad to work (my dad doesn't have a driver's license). Wasn't supposed to, as the plan was for me dad to go by bike. However, it rained like hell and he cannot come into the office in a soaking-wet suit.

After that I emailed Eugenia, Martin and Andrew back about an idea I had. We are planning to realize the idea, and I'm confident we will be able to. Martin and Eugenia have showed willingness to help me, and Andrew hasn't confirmed anything yet but I think he'll be willing to help. As nothing is yet finalized, I will not say what the idea is about :).

For the rest of the day I was at home, doing stuff, watching some TV, you know, the lot you do on a rainy day.

Console wars

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
So, They're all out of the woodwork now. The three new gaming consoles that will rock the world in early 2006. Sony's PlayStation 3, the Microsoft's Xbox 360, and Nintendo's Revolution.

The first two once again emphasize brute processing power and flashy graphics. Nintendo has not said much, but what it has said is a lot more down-to-earth than the ridiculous claims made by MS and Sony ("35 times more powerful" and what not).

I have lost my interest in gaming a long time ago. I simply have the feeling all good games have already been made, and all current new games are just variations on old and chewed-out concepts. Everyone was all awed by Halo I/II, Doom III and what not-- probably forgetting that besides better graphics these games deliver absolutely no innovations of any kind. I started playing computer games basically since I was born, since my parents had a very old Pong machine. Later on we got a GameBoy, A NES (still have it), and in 1991 we got our first computer, a 286, on which I played the true classics: Wolfenstein 3D, The Keen games, Cycles, Duke Nukem I and II (3D wasn't the first Duke Nukem game, kids!) and what not. Those were the days. Later on I got totally hooked to one of the two best, if not the two best, games ever made: "The 7th Guest" and "SimCity 2000". Other classics I played in those days was the magnificent Mortal Kombat II (Finish him!!!!) and Super Mario World, Mario Kart, you name it.

Those days are long gone.

So, here we are today. I rarely play games. I have my GameCube, the only true console of the currently available three. Let's give you my thoughts on the coming three consoles.

First off: looks. Of the three, the Nintendo Revolution looks the best. It's clean, slick, almost Apple-ish. It's small, which is something I like. The PS3 also looks pretty cool, but somehow it's also a bit weird. The Xbox 360 looks horrible. It's like yer average mini-ATX tower, and it lacks the slickness of the Rev and PS3.

Power-wise, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are probably going to lead the way. However, power is no guarantee for having the best games, as the past has learned us. To me, the best games are still coming from Nintendo, and they showed their superiorty in gameplay especially with the two Metroid Prime games. And this is a theme that will continue to play a big role in the gaming world: Nintendo has the gameplay, but gives in on graphics, whereas Sony and MS have the graphics but will lack any form of new and revolutionary gameplay.

This has been the case for a long time now. And in the end it might kill off the last true console maker (Nintendo). Kids today want graphicsgrapchisgraphics. Sony and MS know this. They know their customers want raw power. And in the mix they add all sorts of useless PC functionality to their consoles, which also attracts the masses. They give flashy supa-dupa graphics, but rarely innovate on the gameplay front. This is where Nintendo comes in.

Kids today have missed the golden age of console gaming in the first half of the '90s. These kids believe it's all about graphics, and never experienced true innovative games. Too bad.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Testing the new version of Dashblog-- the Blogger-compatible Dashboard widget!

Two exclusives

Damn, I just gotta congratulate myself with having *two* exclusives on Expert Zone today!

First, Expert Zone was the first to report the release of Ubuntu Breezy Badger Preview 1. A few hours later, I reported the release of Xfce 4.2.2, also the first on the web. Might be small and all, but still, it are exclusives and I'm proud of it :).

Vote no.

On the 1st of june, this year, the government will hold a referendum on the European Constitution. This referendum asks us, the Dutch people, a very simple question: "Do you approve of the currently proposed European Constitution?" If only one member state votes 'no', the constitution will go down the drain.

My vote will be, without a single sign of doubt, 'no'.

I am no proponent of the current European Union. It has gotten too big, too bureaucratic and far too powerful. The EU should go back to it roots: an Economical pact to try to spread the wealth as equal as possible between its members. This relieves inequality in Europe and promotes peace.

However, the EU has gone beyond that task. It is now a government on its own, telling its member states what to do and what not to do. It has become a social and cultural union as well as an economical union. This is bad. You cannot unifiy all the various cultures in Europe. How many leaders have tried to unify Europe? And how many have failed? Exactly, the exact same amount.

You cannot set rules that apply to each person in the EU. The social, ecnomical, and cultural difference between a Poolish farmer and a Spanish farmer are like night and day. How can you apply the same set of values and rules upon those two persons?

Other than that, I vote 'no', because this is actually the first time we Dutch get to speak out on Europe. Everything has been done in the past without any consent of the people. This is about to change.

I only answer to only one consititution. The Dutch constitution, as revised to basically its current form, by Thorbecke in 1848.



Monday, May 16, 2005

After reading this post on Eugenia's blog, I got very interested in the movie "Equilibrium". Today, I went to Richard the video rental place guy, and he pointed me towards the movie. I had my doubts about it. Reviews on the net weren't exactly raving with excitement. However, I liked the setting and therefor I wanted to see it.

It's a weird movie. Even though the story isn't bad, it's just... Bland. It could have been a lot more, so to speak. It all went a bit too... Fast, too easy, too slick. Which is a damn shame, as I am very fond of post-apolcalyptic worlds. The problem with post-apocalyptic settings is that it is very hard to not make everything seem so... 'Kitsch' (I'm not entirely sure if that word means the same in English as it does in Dutch). The decors and actions scenes were incredible though, they looked very cool. Obviously the action scenes have a very Matrix-like feel to it, but hey, that's the set standard now.

The acting wasn't particularly exciting either. Christian Bale did not outperform his magnificant performance in "American Psycho". The other actors were depthless, they had no character of any kind-- but then again, that's probably inherent to the setting of the movie.

All-in-all I find this movie not hard to grade. The action definitely gets a 8.5/10. The story a 5/10... No, a 6/10, the idea is interesting. The acting gets a 4/10. Overall, that becomes a 6.2/10. In words: wait for the TV premiere.

'69 Impala

Had a very relaxed and easy-going weekend. My parents were away for two days, so I had the house to myself. Today me and my oldest brother planned to play some football (for the American readers: soccer, and in addition: American Football is for weeners! Go play rugby! American Football is rugby with protection... And why is it called football if you can pick the 'ball' up and run? American logic I guess :P), but it rained basically all day, so we didn't feel like it anymore. We decided to play some Mario Kart Double Dash on my GameCube instead :). You're never too old for some good ol' Mario Kart.


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I have been doing some window shopping for a used '60s Chevrolet Impala or something similair. It's a big dream of mine to have one of them old American cars, they are so extremely cool... Of course I want one with a LPG installation as driving one with a petrol engine is financial suicide.

I was surprised by the size of the supply of these old Americans, they are far more abundant than I had expected. Pricing seems to differ from €6000 to €10000-- undoable now, but in, say, a year or five / ten from now... I can already see myself driving one of them down the A9 with the V8 thundering, and "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen blasting through the speakers... And all the admiring faces of pretty girls as I pass by... Yeah, that's gotta be the life :).


Saturday, May 14, 2005
What a day. Some bright people at my job decided to have a special opening this morning: from 0700 'till 0800, it was 20% off, and between 0800 and 0900 it was 15% off. Off of everything in the shop. Normally we open at 0830. We decided to have breakfast at the shop at 0630, meaning my fcuking alarm clock rang at 0530. On a fcuking saturday. I also worked thursday and friday, so right now, I'm pretty tired.

Sleep tight

Thursday, May 12, 2005
Me mum today had her introductory appointment with the mammacare nurse. She told my mum all about the coming chemotherapy. She will be recieving her first batch of chemotherapy monday the 23rd of may. My mother is very scared, but the appointment today did ease her up a bit. Even though my mother is currently free of cancer, she still fears the therapy. Not surprising. Chemotherapy is one of the heaviest medical treatments on the planet.

But my mother is a strong women. Together we'll get through it all.

A mother prays, "Sleep tight, my child, sleep well
for I'll be at your side
That no shadow, no darkness, no tolling bell
shall pierce your dreams this night."

--"Jesus Was An Only Son", Bruce Springsteen


Monday, May 09, 2005
My car had its annual check-up today, and nothing was found. My car is now allowed to stay on the road for yet another year :). When I was at the dealer, I finally had the ability to take a good look at the Nissan Murano. That car has been a huge success in the US-- and my prediction is that it will succeed here as well. The Murano must be the first ever SUV to actually look good. Most SUVs up untill now were either shrinked 4x4's or grown hatchbacks. The Murano shows how good an SUV can look if you do not use existing car models as a base.

Excellent work, Nissan.


The Mockup-desktop-devel mailinglist has gone mental. I sent in an email with updated (G)UI proposals, and now the mail keeps on duplicating... Up untill now the list has had my mail like more than a 100 times. Pierluigi is looking at it, he's not sure whether it's a problem with qmail or a problem on my end... We'll have to wait and see...

SkyOS community sucks

Arghh it happened again. Crap-ass bitches in the SkyOS community. Screw this.

Update: And to make things even crappier, Robert just asked whether anyone has experience with setting up a CVS server! What the fuck! He first basically tells Andrew to fcuk off (Andrew was setting up one for SkyOS, but needed the code from Robert and Chris), because it wouldn't be useful, it wouldn't make a difference and what not. And now, he wants to set one up himself! How weird is that!

Update II: Robert just asked why I came to the conclusion that this CVS server he is talking about will be open to the public. Well Robert, erm what good is a CVS server when only you and Chris can access it ;).


Today. 8th of may. Celebrations and memorials everywhere conmemorating the end of the biggest crime ever commited.

Yet. In Berlin. A legal 'demonstration' of 4000 Nazis and fascists. So many empty people. Have we learned nothing? 60 million deaths, all in vain? Don't these empty neo-Nazis know what happened? Do they think it's normal? What's wrong with these people?

I'd say round them up, build a big wall around them and throw in some food and water every now and then.

I'm sad. Sad that mankind learns nothing.

Get off my property, you piece of shit

Saturday, May 07, 2005
I just saw a very impressive Iraqi docter on TV. He was telling about how he tried to save two burning women and a child (about 5 years old) from a car wreck in Falludja. The car got hit by an American missile. The doctor was with two paramedics in an ambulance. They saw the burning women and child. The child was crawling on the front hood. Burning. On fire. The doctor tried to get out of the ambulance. But, they were in the part of Falludja ruled by American snipers. And those snipers shot at them. And again. And again. The doctor had to crawl back into the ambulance. There, they wept. For the innocent lives lost.

The doctor also told that about 60% to 70% of all buildings in Falludja are destroyed. Falludja is (was) a city of 450000 inhabitants.

However, the above isn't wat struck me the most. Another thing he told made a really, really big impression on me.

He told about an Iraqi man who's son got killed by US soldiers. Those soldiers wanted to search the man's house. The Iraqi man said, to the soldiers: "If you would've come here, without weapons, without uniforms, you would have experienced the Iraqi hospitality. This way, you are just turning us against you."

It struck me as painfully true, and it made me very sad. Stories like this don't make it to the prime networks in the USA. We get them all the time.


What bothers me is that the man who is responsible for all those innocent lives, George W. Bush, is currently on Dutch soil. His bloody hands and feet are touching my nation. What is that fuckign war criminal doing in the nation I'm so proud to live in. I don't want that sort of scum on my land. Get away from here, Bush, we nor want, nor need your shit. Go home, go to the US of A, where life is supposedly so good. GO FCUK YOURSELF.

Bring it back.... To basics...

Thursday, May 05, 2005
What a day. What a sportsweek. Dear god.

Yesterday evening. PSV. Didn't make it through to the Champion's League final. AC Milan scored in the last minute.

This evening. My local club, from my city, AZ Alkmaar. Didn't make it through to the UEFA Cup final. Sporting Lisboa scored in the last 30 seconds.


But what a week for Dutch football. Reminiscent of the glory days. 1995. Astonoshing.


We went karting today. Jorien, me, Marcel and Tom. We went four times twelve minutes. A total bill of € 217,50. But it was awesome. Especially me and the guys drove like a bunch of freaks gone mental. Fast, aggressive and never loosening the throttle. I even got a red flag because of my aggressive driving style.

In the end, Marcel got 1st place 4 times. Tom got 2nd place 4 times. I got 3rd place 4 times. Jorien got in 4th 4 times. Definitely something we're gonna do more often. Just, please, girls (yeah that's Jorien *and* Tom!!): stop singing! For cryin' out loud. :P

Tommy's brand

Wednesday, May 04, 2005
I got a very special gift from Renate today. She had been excited about giving me this gift for weeks, but because I went to Berlin and all we never had the time for her to give it to me. Today, we finally did. I went with her to her new home, very close to the Amstel Station in Amsterdam (nice place, nice view!). There, she gave this to me:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The cup says, from top to bottom:

vacuum packed
TOMMY'S brand
balanced blend
regular grind
Thomas W. Simms Coffee Roasters. Alamo. Calif

Thank you Renate, I appreciate this gift a very great deal. I've already drunk a nice coffee from it today, but I'm not going to do that too often, I don't want it to break. As I said in my txt msg: I'ma still be holdin' this cup when we're in a retirment home! :D

Still nothing...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Update: There's been a hype on Planet Gnome, and I wanna join in:

That's me, with ym companion the coffee cup, and of course looking full of thoughts... Especially now as I'm thinking about my study & future in general...


Still haven't gotten one step closer to deciding what study I'm going to do, now that I've decided to stop Psychology. Everybody keeps asking if I have made a descision yet; but hey, people, I don't even know where to look yet! :(

Journalism has been mentioned, but that's not a university study. And that's what I want....


eXpert Zone is doing well. I'm slowly starting to get kinda proud of it all. It's a job, you know, updating a newssite everyday (even when I'm on vacation! :P), sometimes even multiple times a day. First people we're laughing a bit at me and Youlle for putting all the time in EZ, but lately it has been paying off. Of course we're also 'using' OSNews as a vessel every now and then, but hey I don't see the harm in that, neither does Eugenia (as far as I can tell). So it's cool.

I'm very eager to see as what the future is going to bring for eXpert Zone. In the future, we might need a new CMS, but that's all up to Youlle. Also, we kinda need another newsposter as an addition to me; I can't do this all on my own forever. Well, Youlle hops in every now and then but he has a full-time job and can't do as much as I can for it. It's very important that that newsposter is *NOT* some overzealous OSS guy or something. I don't want that.

We'll see.

Berlin II

Sunday, May 01, 2005
The last few days have been good. Friday morning, we went to this *huge* tropical swimming paradise, and then I mean like *really huge*. It's located in an old Zeppelin building factory! Look here for more details (in German). It was very nice, however, it's going to be even nicer as it isn't finished yet.

After that we went to Berlin, where I picked up the new Mac OS, and I went to see xXx 2 (pretty cool movie).