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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

Sad, but it has to be said.

Update: Let me state for the record that I still wish SkyOS all the best and that I still have the faith in Robert and Chris and the other's coding abilities. However, my personal feelings about SkyOS is that it should go a different direction. No harm done, at all, just some crucial points in where I disagree with the team. It's my right to do so. And in order to make sure we don't have any more threads like the XGI one, it's better if I take a step back. That's all.

And another for the recod: I'm going into sleep mode. I'm not going away forever, you won't dispose of me that easily ;).

Let me elaborate on my descision to basically leave the SkyOS community. It's actually a large accumulation of factors that led me to do this.

The distance between the community and the development team is growing by the minute. Currently, the dev. team has completely retreated from the open irc channel #skyos (for which I don't blame them, as the amount of complete fcuking idiots in there is astonoshing), but they also left #skyos_dev, a channel specially set up for SkyOS veterans and contributors. Everyone could come in, but only the dev. team and veterans could actually speak. And we simply posted important stuff in #skyos, so everyone could still discuss it. Obviously this wasn't enough. Now they are setting up their own dedicated SkyOS irc server where only those can come in that Robert approves of. One way to treat your community.

Another factor is the fact that criticism is apparently not really appreciated. Read this thread and you'll know what I mean. It's actually not the first time. There have been other occiasions where critique wasn't appreciated. Escpecially one other occasion which I cannot discuss here right now. This is bad. I obviously aren't always right with my critiques, but what the hell, if I question a descision made, a descision they kept completely secret (!!), then I expect to get a proper and nice answer. Nowhere in the above stated thread did I step out of line. Yet apprantly, I had struck a sensitive nerve with my XGI inquiry (that XGI thing ain't over yet. I have contacted various people who might know more about this. I want the fcuking truth. Period).

And in the end I do not like the overal direction that SkyOS is heading. There are no new developers attracted towards SkyOS because of its extremely closed nature. I know CSS is the way SkyOS goes, and I applaud that, but the current control is simply too strict. Another minor thing is the lack of mailinglists. The team don't like them, so they don't exist. I respect that they don't like them, but what is the first thing a potentially interested dev is going to do? Exactly, he is going to look for a skyos-dev mailinglist. There isn't any. The dev team says that they got the developer's forum for that. I don't see many people interested in developing for SkyOS there either. At least not experienced developers.

So the keywords are: secrecy, lack of communication, schizm between community and dev team, not being able to accept the fact that people might not always agree with the dev team's descisions, and lack of faith in SkyOS' future.

I'm very sorry that this is happening right now. I remember back in the day, when it was all fun to be part of the SkyOS community. We had the feeling SkyOS was going anywhere, that it was going to make it. That feeling is gone. The team might dismiss them, but other projects are gaining traction fast, like Zeta, with an all-new kernel, or Linux, which has recently gotten a serious boost in usability, and even the eye-candy is comming with projects like xcompmngr and Cairo/Luminocity.

Really, the above wasn't very much fun to say, but it has to be said. I'll keep on keeping an eye on SkyOS. Maybe they'll get their act together. For now, my attention and time will go to giving suggestions and bug reports to Gnome and Ubuntu.
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5:40 PM, by Anonymous distantvoices

It had to come to this summit after all.

I know why I'm not the most active member in this community.

Hope to stay in contact with you, Thom.

BTW: the 15 year old patricks of this world (as you 've mentioned in an other blog entry of your) lack the balls to fully understand and appreciate what grown ups are up to. They want to enjoy the feeling of being involved rather than actually having something valuable to say.


6:59 PM, by Anonymous Proph3t

Hey Thom,
Quit crying. I have been a part of the SkyOS community gfor almost as long as you have and I have felt nothing but support from both Robert and Kelly, and I have noticed that they have always taken the steps they feel is best.

You seem to want to take control of them. It's not your company. Just because you want the windows to look one way default doesnt mean they're going to bow down to you and do it. Same with your opinions on the graphic drivers, which, I feel, are a bit absurd.

They have more experience in every way dealing with what they are dealing with.

This seems more like a sad way to attack the community & SkyOS just because Robert/Kelly don't agree with a couple of your ideas. Calm down a bit and be reasonable.    

7:11 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

Its a lot more than disagreement; there is stuff going on behind the scenes you are not privy to.


7:37 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

[rant]Like Zizban said, it'a about a lot more than some silly UI behaviour ideas or whatever.

And in case you still don't get it-- my thought on behaviour were just that-- **THOUGHTS**, for Christ's fcuking sake. They weren't the end-al-be-all, they were random musings on how to possibly imnprove the (G)UI. If you and the Patricks still don't get that, than it's your fcuking problem and not mine.

This stuff goes a whole lot deeper than some fcuking UI crap. Please, just please, *try* to understand for once instead of blindingly following the team. Youlle agrees with me on this, mostly. Zizban does.

And I do not want control over the fcuking SkyOS. What sort of nonsense are you blabbering about, dude.

There is stuff going on that you have no idea about. You must know that I'm closer to the individuals of the dev te4am than you are. I have spoken either Robert, Chris, Kelly or Alex basically daily for the last 5-6 months (irc). I have had extensive discussions with other veterans and the such. And I can reveal it here now anyway, I don't really care no more: A group of veteran SkyOS community members/contributors (including me) had written a letter of worrying, basically containing all point as said in this blog entry. We sent that letter to the dev team in the alpha forum, about like a week ago.

In other words: there are alot more people that feel like me at this point. It's not just me because my ideas weren't liked. And in case you didn't notice; it were the Patricks that flamed my suggestions to open a discussion, NOT the team.


It is obvious that you are by no means a veteran in the way that people like ie. me, Tomasz, Zizban or Youlle are. You simply have no idea what you are talking about. So please, don't.[/rant]    

7:42 PM, by Anonymous Alex Forster, posting independently and without representation from SkyOS

I'll build my summary from yours:

"So the keywords are: secrecy"

The IRC channel "incident" was the only secrecy you've cited. And as far as XGI goes, that's a very business-oriented decision. All I can say is I'm sorry you have no say in the very business-oriented decisions they make. What else do you want? It happened months ago. It's over. Long over.

"lack of communication"

Wow, see, I thought this one was cleared up, but I guess not. Rather ironically, Robert worded a response to this better than any of us, so I'll just quote him here:

"You see, the simplest way for me would be to stop updating the changelog, stop posting news about new features, .....
But I really want to keep you uptodate and to participate you all in the SkyOS developement. I thougth/hoped I did this good enough, but obvisouly I was false.
So, I'm really interested in hearing your propsals about to improve this. But remember, I'm limited in time. I still have my fulltime job, family, friends and SkyOS.
I know that writing docus would be a real value for SkyOS. But having docus about how to program drivers and not having a working driver test suite, easy way to handle/load drivers, improved interfaces,... would almost make no sense. You know what I mean?"

Doesn't sound like he's out to get you at all. As a matter of fact, that's a very polite and reconciling response. What more "communication" do you want than what he already does?

"schizm between community and dev team"

Ignoring the word you just made up and pulling from the rest of the phrase, I'm thinking this is synonymous to the previous point, so see above.

"not being able to accept the fact that people might not always agree with the dev team's descisions"

When the "dev team" disagreed, they didn't go on a tangent and leave the community taking several members with them in a stir of conspiracy-theorist comments and malign blog posts. No, that was all you, buddy.

"and lack of faith in SkyOS' future"

To paraphrase Kelly, "I'm sorry you feel that way."

I will say you are the absolute last person I expected this from.    

8:10 PM, by Anonymous Andrew Youll

proph3t, recently robert has begun to move from the IRC channels, and some people have mentioned a "secret" IRC Channel that only people robert wishes to talk to have access to, i see that as alienation because you cant really chose who is and who isnt part of a community    

8:11 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Well, so I guess now it's all me. Again, these are my personal feelings and I simply am very direct when saying things, I'm sorry for that.

And in case you don't know: I'm not "taking other members with me". Hell no. That whole letter thing wasn't even my idea. I came in later when the entire idea was already formed. The ideas and problems the people undersigning that letter had simply looked like mine so I joined in. I wasn't the one coming up with all this, you know.

You are now simply trying to make me look like the culprit. However, several die-hard community members agree to at least a degree with what I'm saying; do you seriously think that people like youlle and strestout are under my infulence? Of course they're not. And *again*, I didn't come up with the idea to that letter.

I'm slowly starting to regret that I ever put my time into SkyOS in the first place. You might wanna look at the team itself and not immediatly start pointing at the likes of me and the people who (to a degree) agree with me. If you achieve to alienate the core of your community, then it's not me who is at fault, it's YOU.    

12:27 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

By the way, Alex:

Schism is most definitely a word that exists in the English language. The fact that I wrote it with a Z might just have to do with the fact that English is just one out of three languages I speak fluently, and not my native one. Excuse me for making an error.    

12:16 AM, by Anonymous Proph3t

Thom stop acting like a superior little bitch. You always have had this behaviour and its ridiculous.

I dont care if you use Sparc and whatnot, what it comes down to is you think your the center of the online universe. And your not.

I know you have chatted on IRC, I honestly am speaking as a memeber of the community, and by veteran I am that in time spent with SkyOS and their community.

A secret IRC channel? WHO CARES. Honestly, if he wants it then fine, obviously he has a reason. Your making a big deal out of nothing for the simple fact that you want to rule everything you touch. Get a life and calm down, once again.

Schism my ass.    

1:08 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Erm you got some serious issues dude.

I want to rule everything I touch? Mmmm, right, come say that to my face and let's see who's the real man around here.

Kid, you're 15 (maybe 16 by now). Finnish high-school first, stop believing everything you're told, go to university where they teach you how to question things, learn manners, get laid. In other words: get a life.

Oh and by the way, would you be so kind as to say the same in an email to youlle, zizban, and strestout1? Thank you.    

9:38 PM, by Anonymous distantvoices

@Thom: Don't take that lad serious. He doesn't know his butt from his nose if I read correctly between the lines he's dropped here to you.

@Prophet: you will want to step back from issueing ridiculous and simply stupid sentences in presence of grown ups. I daresay,if there's a buncha grownups around and talks to you, you're the nicest and most polite of boys/lads around the world, eh? Not so much as "schizm my ass" (simple minded, dumb statement this is and not even a senseful insult), eh? Oh, Adolescencia ...    

9:40 PM, by Anonymous distantvoices

Oh and btw: lads who are that ridiculous don't have big chances to have a "getting laid" with a decent, nice lass.    

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