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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

Royally pissed off

Okay, I'm royally pissed off and disappointed right now.

I just got word from the Exam Commision of the Faculty of Psychology And Pedagogics of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and the mail basically confirms my suspicion: I will not recieve dispensation.

Fcuk this.
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9:49 PM, by Blogger sugarfreespider

Aii fuck that indeed, did you explained all your reasons? And they still wouldn't give you dispensation? What a bunch of assholes there, really!
A girl from my class always makes up her problems (obviously!) and she always gets away with it. She gets dispensation for exams, projects or...she just gets a positive rate...fuck that. We really hate her all, by god she must know that. But..WE all can be proud that we make it on our own and she doesn't. So she must feel miserable and I don't feel any shame to say I think that's justice.
But about you, hang on to it! and if you don't make it this year, just go and live for a wile. Enjoy it while you're young :)    

11:03 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Thanks honey, haha.

No but really I accepted it now. Got a lot more time on my hands if I don't do this subject, and that time is of great importance, because...

...I might be moving out real soon :). Not very far though, I want to stay in the neighbourhood-- but due to the immense waitinglist in HHW and Alkmaar, I'm now applying for houses in... Warmenhuizen :). I just applied to one that I'm especially fond of-- 3 rooms! 305E bare rent! One 30m2, one 19m2, and one 12m2!! If I get that one... Then I'll be so fcuking happy the world wouldn't know what hit it :).

Crossing my fingers :).

PS: Yeah I wish to stay around... Big city Amsterdam just ain't my thing, really. I don't fit in there :).    

9:00 PM, by Blogger sugarfreespider

I just read your last post, great that you found a solution!

Sounds great that appartment in 'our' village, which street is it? Near your mom and dads house or not?
You would really get a lot of space, great dude!

I can't image that I would like to go back to Warmenhuizen to live there, I really found my place in the city's. I live one half of the time in Zaandam now (with two girlfriends) and the other half of the time in live in Alkmaar at my boyfriend's appartment. Well, you've been there..great canalside house.

Well, I'll also keep my fingers crossed for that appartment of yours!

And now...I'm gonna grab some food and put my feet up high. After three days serving food to houswifes (no not that desperate ones ;)) at the RAI, I'm wiped out.....    

11:49 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Yeah I guess it's simply a matter of taste. I prefer my little hometown not just because I don't like cities; I also don't really like changes all that much.

And haha I was pasing through RAI station this morning and I saw all those women going there... But only today I found out that the Amstel Ballenbar is real!! Darnit! I could've gone there instead of school!

Well, I'm back to watching "Bowling For Columbine"-- saw it already though. I'm not a great fan of Moore (he is just as twisting-the-truth and such as ie. Bush & Co), but BFC is a great movie, touching. Just keep the grains of salt close :).    

12:07 PM, by Blogger sugarfreespider

My god nooooo!! Tell me you don't really wanted to go to the Ballenbar...it's so fake!
I, ofcourse, passed it a few times this week and it totally doesn't look like the one in the tv-commercial.
And ehh...did the tv-commercial made the Ballenbar seem like...fun to you?
(I just asked my peer-student, who follows the English classes, how to say in English that you 'daalt in mijn aanzien'...but he couldn't come up with the words)
So...Je daalt in mijn aanzien! haha..    

1:02 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Well, err, you know, well, I'm only human, you know :). A single human, even! So yeah, if it looks like the one in the commercial, then yeah, why not? :). It's not like school or work is anymore interesting, now, is it?

Then again, you are a woman (girl? whichever you prefer), so your response makes a lot of sense... I sure do know my female friends (why don't they distinguish between male/female friends with just one word in that bloody language) would react completely the same :D.

PS: I think lower of you. That's the best way to put it, I think. No, this is not personal :).    

5:56 PM, by Blogger sugarfreespider

Oh no! You are not really making a difference between standard man and woman here aren't you!
I mean, what fun is it about a thing like de Ballenbar? The girls in the tv-commercial were just hired to make the spot look "good". I fancy girls too, but not that kind, no.
And on the other hand, my boyfriend is male to (and yes I am for sure haha) and he really doesn't like de Ballenbar. And he doesn't only says that because of me. Well, maybe he's just an exception.
(Oh by the way, if you still want to go: it's untill 10-04. Will you manage between all those housewifes? Because there are sooooo few men there, and if: they work there!)    

6:03 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Neh of course I know it's just a commercial :P. And no, I'm definitely not thinking of seriously going there-- How am I supposed to explain that to my parents? Friends? Girlfriends? Me at the Huishoudbeurs? Nah! ;)    

8:41 AM, by Blogger sugarfreespider

Haha you're so right.
Well, I've got to work again saturday, maybe I'll take some pictures of de Ballenbar for you ;)    

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