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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

On the US, homosexuality and ancient Greek

Let's start off by saying that I'm proud to be living in a truly civlized country where homosexual people have the same rights and priviliges as heterosexual people. They can get married, adopt kids, etc. Like it's supposed to be in a civilized country. I recently had a discussion with some Americans over this issue-- they said things that kinda shocked me, things that sounded utterly barbaric to me. When I asked them why they opposed same-sex marriage, they said: "We like to keep our country decent and morally correct."

Stunning, ain't it?

That statement assumes that all homosexual people are indecent and morally incorrect. Also, what is even more amazing, apparently it is morally correct for these people to have and build nuclear warheads, chemical weapons, biological weapons, to attack a country without international support using a false argument, to kill people because they commited a crime (death penalty) etc, etc, etc. Also, the US porn/sex industry is the biggest in the world. Indeed, very morally correct. And of course it is very morally correct to have big corporations buying the elections. Definitely morally correct. Or, trying to kill an Italian journalist because she criticized the war in Iraque. Again, morally correct.

It just bothers me that a country that claims to be "free", is actually one of the most "un-free" nations in the world. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm straight myself, but that doesn't mean I automatically deem anything that is different than me "morallly incorrect". I don't like seeing gay people either (read the comments for clarification!); but that doesn't mean it's morally incorrect.


The American "democracy" was built upon the democracies of ancient Greece. I wonder how many Americans know that homosexuality and prostitution were perfectly normal and accepted in ancient Greek culture. It was very normal for men from ancient Greece to have a much younger boyfriends next to their wives. Also, drinking parties with prostitutes ('hetaere') were accepted and 100% normal (and yes I can know, I studied ancient Greek and its culture for 4 years). So, the American "democracy" is built upon an, according to American "values", immoral culture.

Gotta love the American ignorance :).
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2:17 PM, by Blogger sugarfreespider

"I don't like seeing gay people either;"
What do you mean by that? Don't like seeing gay people on the street? Hand in hand? Kissing? Just like you would do with a girl?? Please explain...I feel offended really.    

4:24 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

No need to feel offended there.

What I mean is: I do not find it a very pleasurable sight to see two men kissing-- that's it. It's not rascist or whatever. Ask most men and they'll say they don't like the sight. That's all, basically.

It's not meant to be discriminating. I should've put that a bit clearer inside the post, my apologies. Consider it fixed.    

11:33 PM, by Blogger Over50

write on guy...democracy in greece was not a party thing...it done by chance, citizens' (read wealthy and educated people) were chosen at random to serve in the legislature. no one has improved on this method since, and i think we ought to go back to it.    

10:42 AM, by Blogger sugarfreespider

Allright, I guess I did overreact a bit, I know you don't mean no harm. And yes..my boyfriend would say the same thing as you do. Men kissing? Nooooo ;)
Well, thanks voor the explanation dude.

Oh by the way, I work at the RAI now, last weekend there was Autovak tuning, shouldn't you've been there?!    

1:20 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Nah tuning really isn't my thing. They mostly make the cars uglier instead of more beautiful... And after all the tuning they're still driving an ordinary Seat or Volkswagon...

Tuners tend to overdo the tuning thing. Like a few days ago, I was standing behind a tuned Golf at the traffic lights, and the kiddo behind the wheel was trying to be like all cool, revving the engine and what not. I thought "Loser", and when the traffic lights hit green I didn't at all try to compete with the guy, because I assumed he would've tuned the engine just as well as the outside.

However, soon I realized that he wasn't moving away from me at all, even though I accelerated normally. His car was making all sorts of cool and fancy noises, but in the end I could've overtaken him. I didn't-- I didn't want to give the poor kiddo a minority complex by overtakeing his tuned Golf in a Nissan Micra :)    

2:40 AM, by Anonymous Anonymous

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