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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

On sexes

Just had an agonizing discussion with Renate again. Man, I got so friggin' pissed off I pressed Apple+q to shut off MSN all at once-- trust me, that's rare. So now I'll try to explain what this is all about, and maybe she'll understand it then. But, I fear she won't.

Okay. We were having a discussion over the sex of music. What? Yes. Just like words have a sex, so can songs. Let me explain.

Some songs are male, some female, and some are none (referred to as unisex) (diapers!). Let me give you some examples of male songs: My Hometown (Bruce Springsteen), Summer Of '69 (Bryan Adams), Ol' 55 (The Eagles). Female songs: You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette), Wasted Time (The Eagles), Breathless (The Corrs). Unisex songs are the most abundant though; most songs are neither male nor female.

Now, what defines a song as being male or female? That's, in all honesty, very hard to tell. It's a certain feeling a song evokes,and that feeling only occurs at one side of sex. It's comparable with movies: Die Hard is a male movie, while Bridget Jones' Diary is a female movie. This has nothing to do with sexism, this has nothing to do with the actual audience, it has to do with the contents of the lyrics, the feeling a song evokes, and sometimes (but that's rare) the sound.

Now, why is My Hometown a male song? First, let's look at the lyrics:

I was eight years old and running with a dime in my hand
Into the bus stop to pick up a paper for my old man
I’d sit on his lap in that big old Buick and steer as we drove through town
He’d tousle my hair and say son take a good look around
This is your hometown, this is your hometown
This is your hometown, this is your hometown

In `65 tension was running high at my high school
There was a lot of fights between the black and white
There was nothing you could do
Two cars at a light on a saturday night in the back seat there was a gun
Words were passed in a shotgun blast
Troubled times had come to my hometown
My hometown, my hometown, my hometown

Now main street’s whitewashed windows and vacant stores
Seems like there ain’t nobody wants to come down here no more
They’re closing down the textile mill across the railroad tracks
Foreman says these jobs are going boys and they ain’t coming back to
Your hometown, your hometown, your hometown, your hometown

Last night me and kate we laid in bed talking about getting out
Packing up our bags maybe heading south
I’m thirty-five we got a boy of our own now
Last night I sat him up behind the wheel and said son take a good
Look around
This is your hometown

First, the whole thing about the driving around in the Buick; every man remembers the sense of excitement of sneaking behind that big steering wheel and pretending to be driving around. I'm not saying that women don't do this (yet I have to find the first one), but just that it's considered to be a boy's thing. Did you play with little toy cars, Renate? Did you make vrooooooom noises when running through the house? Did you attach playing cards to your bike each summer to your frame, so that the spokes bumbed against them, and then you could preted they we're engine noises?

And secondly, the whole love for your hometown, that urge that will keep you comming back there no matter what. That's something very specific to 1) people living in smaller communities (like me, Renate!) and 2) boys. Of course, women have that too, but just in a different way than Bruce describes here. I was astonished when my parents moved out of Langedijk. I was pissed off, and wanted to stay with my own football team in Langedijk, I refused to play for the team in Warmenhuizen. Even now, when I'm making plans to move out of Warmenhuizen, it just feels wrong. I didn't see you have any trouble with leaving Alkmaar; you might have had troubles leaving your family; but I'm not referring to that. I'm referring to actually missing your hometown.


Another thing that reminded me of this was the episode of Married With Children I watched today (MWC is a male series anyway; most women will say they don't particurlarly like it). Marcy and Steve were planning on building an additional room to their house. Then, Al pushed Steve into making it a pool room, and Peggy pushed Marcy into making it an exercise room. Notice the difference? This is not to say women don't play pool and men don't exercise, no, not at all. It shows women and men have different interests, different priorities, ON THE WHOLE. Thus, NOT IN EACH INDIVIDUAL CASE.


Another example: cars. A Volkswagen NewBeetle is a women's car. So is the new Nissan Micra (and the old ones too). On the other hand, more men's cars are ie. a Subaru Impreza, a Toyota MR2, a Volkswagen Golf RSI, and so on. This has to do with the way they look, the way they behave, the way they sound.


All that can be applied to music as well. I NEVER ever said anywhere that male songs are for men only, oh no, not at all. Renate, you mentioned Korn as being a male band. That's utterly ridicoulous: only because they have hard guitars it's all of a sudden male? That's weird, I thought YOU were accusing ME of stereotypization??? And, current day rap music male??? Where are you from? Current day rap music is for pathetic wannabes; if you want true male rap music, go pick up an NWA record, an early Ice Cube album (ie. Death Certificate). Present day rap is a fake show.


I'm tired, and I've had it with this silly little discussion. Oh and don't worry, of course I still like you :). Being the complete opposites of eachother makes the friendship way more fun :).
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