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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

Saturday Night

Well, shame on me! I forgot to say anything about my saturdaynight here on my blog!

In any case, it was a fun evening, that's for sure! First me, Marcel, Tom and Gerard (one of Murph's fellow soldiers) went to De Rooie Leeuw in Zuid-Scharwoude-- nice experience... But damn, when even I have to bow down to kiss one of them girls, then they are certainly way too young ;). So, me, Marcel and Tom decided to head off to Alkmaar. There we tried to get into the Corridor, but the bouncer was trying very hard to be a dick. Millions of people came out, but he let no one in. Damn, next time I'll bring along Sas and Renate, then we'll certainly get in :P.

So we diceded to go to the Joey's, which is kind of turning into the place where we go everytime. It was a blast, in the end we were a little bit under the influence; expressed in the fact that Marcel started to randomly speak to chicks, asking them wether they had already seen his watch ("But look, it has a cool light!!"). I immediatly wanted to state that mine looked better (which it does), but I was almost rolling on the floor with laughter :D. So darn funny!

The Joey's shutdown at around 02:30, soit was time to head home. With a slight (ugh) increase of alcohol in my system I grabbed some fooooood and hopped into my bed.

Was a great evening, and I swear, the moment we score a chick with the help of a watch, I'll loose all faith in women! ;).
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8:27 PM, by Blogger sugarfreespider

Sounds like a great evening to me indeed :)
So it didn't work out between Marcel and that girl at Daphne's party? So now began chasing women with watches, haha.
My weekend brought me (again) a lot of satisfaction, after spending friday afternoon at the bar, being pretty sick all saturday, I had a nice saturdaynight. Tim, my friend and neighbour, threw a party and when I returned home, my boy was sleeping in my bed.

What are your plans for next weekend??    

8:44 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

Grmbl about time I make sure there's a sweet girl in my bed when I get home :). I still know nothing about Mopsie-- she's like a ghost; during break, she just... vanishes. After class... she vanishes again. Mmm, maybe she really is an angel? :P

And, it's still going on (as far as I know) between Marcel and that girl; this whole watch thing is just a joke-- nothing more. Do you seriously believe Marcel picks up chicks that way?? I don't know how your boyfriend went after you, but... ;)

I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do next weekend-- I usually plan my weekend on... Saturdayevening. You?    

9:23 PM, by Blogger sugarfreespider

Haha that really must be a male-thing..planning your saturdaynight on...saturdaynight!

You've getting me very curious about that angel-girl of yours, she's in your class..am I right?

Haha you're making me laugh again. I didn't really think Marcel did serious tried to fancy these chicks with his watch, I was just curious about him and whats-her-name.. Funny these things really start at birthdayparty's.. :)
Just as surprised about that, like I am about the fact me and my boy fell in love after knowing each other for...years. It just happened... after spending a whole 'Lowlands' together. Well, can't say I'm unhappy about it, really happening :)

By the way, I must say, I've got my weekend al planned out (for me) and I kinda...don't like it..    

9:42 PM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

That girl (Renate named her Mopsie, I have no idea what it means) is... amazing. I mean, I just... Am I actually stuttering while typing? That's new ;). No, seriously, she looks "sweet", no other way I can really put it. I thought about taking a photograph with my phone, but I think it'd be kinda weird me shoving my phone in her face ("What'ya doing?" "Nothing"). Oh and her smile is... :) I don't see her going to Lowlands though :P. On the other hand.... I don't go there either.

Anyway, I seriously hope it works out between Murph and whatshername. However, the last time I can think of that Daphne was involved in such affairs ended up, well, quite... Messy :P.

Mmm, you plan your weekend and don't like it? Not trying to be a smartass but erm, seems like you have plenty of time to re-plan...    

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