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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

New iBook!!

Yeah! I just traded in my old G4 iMac for a brand spankin'-new G4 iBook!! I'm happy :).

  • 1.07 Ghz G4

  • 256 MB RAM

  • 12.1" Screen, 1024x768

  • DVD-ROM/CD-R(RW) Slot-loading Combodrive

  • 30 GB Harddisk

  • Finally the whole iMac disaster is behind me. Finally a computer that works. Oh the joy :).
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    12:10 AM, by Blogger cdrafn

    Hey Thom ...

    I was wondering how fast that it actually ran. Because I've asked around -- and they say that it's best to upgrade the RAM to at least 512 MB.

    [In case you couldn't guess, I'm pretty set on buying an iBook, I just wanna know what specs I should upgrade, etc.]


    7:52 AM, by Blogger Thom Holwerda

    Well I'm perfectly happy with having 256-- however, upgrading to 512 can't do much harm, and one will survive the few extra $$$.    

    9:10 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

    yo Thom, how ya doin' nigga. I've heard you got some bitches over there in your crib, so I'll so you within a minute. Asta la Pasta, your chillin'bud, Klouter    

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