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Cogs can think.

I'm a mere, tiny, insignificant cog in a whole clockwork of stupidity.
The little cog that wanted to break free, I am.

More 10.3.6 Issues...

Yeah my 4th entry in one day and I didn't even leave the house. Goes to show how exciting being at home can be ;).

Anyway, my iMac just plunged into another kernel panic loop. I got very mad once again, almost breaking my door, but hey this is a 1400E machine that fucks up. That pisses me off, you know. Now, I again dived into the Apple forums, to yet again find a solution for the various problems the 10.3.6 update created for a lot of people.

The number of posts about 10.3.6 increased exponentially, so I just picked one. That thread may have saved me a lot of hassle. The guy who started the thread was speaking of:

  • Messed up bootscreen;

  • An application called Applejack.

  • Now, that first one got my attention, since my bootscreen had a fucked up Apple logo as well. I studied that application called Applejack carefully, and I found out it was able to perform a whole load of maintenaince tasks in single-user mode (basically booting into console (for computer illiterates: remember that you had to type "cd keen" into a black screen one hundred years ago? That's basically console mode)). I let it perform all those tasks and, oh the joy, upon reboot my Apple logo didn't looked like a messed-up piece of Pixelart anymore! Hail Applejack!

    Now, I don't wish to cheer to early. It has fixed the logo, let's just hope it repaired Mac OS X.

    And a final note to Apple Computers, Inc.: Get your act together. You sell very expensive equipment, and when one does, one cannot simply release patchwork to one's customers. You claim to produce "The world's most advanced operating system". Either drop this claim, or get your friggin' act together. Or, hire the Applejack developpers.

    Update: Applejack didn't fix OS X. Just had another kernel panic. I'm on the verge of a goddamn nervous breakdown. APPLE, RELEASE A STATEMENT. Please, tell us loyal customers what the hell is going on. I'm getting sick of seeing my iMac grey out, asking me to reboot.

    Update 2: My iMac will see yet another trip to the Apple Store. I tried to reset the PRAM/NVRAM, supposedly a pretty basic troubleshooting step. Well, it completely nuked my iMac. It now won't even go past the grey bootscreen with the Apple logo. However, the Apple logo ain't fucked. That's the only thing to be happy about at the moment.

    Update 3: Well, using the Startup Manager I was finally able to boot into my OS X CD, and via there I did a disk/permissions repair. Did a reboot, and thank god it booted to Mac OS X. Now, let's see how long it takes for my iMac to panic on me once again. I give her 10 minutes.
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